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Xtreme Power J40 provides the benefits of advanced surge suppression technology in an ultra-slim form factor. Simple wall mounting, and easy access receptacles make J40 ideal for mounting behind thin display screens in used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, campuses, airports and other commercial areas.

While J40 compact design is appealing to the digital signage industry, it is also excellent for providing protection to kiosks, gaming machines, computers, point-of-sale equipment, and small printers.

The J40SP provides additional benefit of remote IP control capabilities. J40SP gives technicians the ability to manage outlets including remote on/off, scheduling, and power cycling of individual outlets.


We have 3 different models:

The J40, The J40SP, and the J40i


J40 Series UPS 208/230VAC 50/60Hz

  • Input Cord- IEC C14 inlet
  • Output Receptacles(3) 5–15R

J40SP 10A 120V Surge PDU with Switched Receptacles and Ethernet Switch

  • Input Cord- IEC C14 inlet
  • Output Receptacles(3) 5–15R

J40i 10A 230V Surge PDU

  • Input- IEC C14 inlet
  • Output Receptacles(3) IEC C13


Protect digital signage from spikes and surges with ultra-slim J40 surge PDU

  • Slim and light weight J40 mounts easily behind flat panel displays
  • Primary applications: digital signage, kiosks, gaming machines, and Point of Sale (POS)
  • MOV over voltage and over temperature protection
  • Power reset button to allow manual cycling of power
  • Remote power switch provides remote reset on/off, and scheduling on J40SP
  • Easily mounts to wall or ceiling in any orientation
  • Optional detachable offset, right angle 5–15P power cord provides flexible installation


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