• [6210U-N]


  • Available with 10 or 20 Multifunction Keys, expandable to 40 or 50 with the 6030X Button Expansion Module
  • Plug & Play: Auto Switch Detection, Auto SPID, Parameter Downloading, and Automatic Feature Key Remapping
  • Works with all versions of National ISDN and Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN without firmware or hardware modifications
  • Compatible with Lucent 5ESS, Avaya S8700, Nortel DMS-100, Siemens EWSD, and Lucent/AG Communication Systems GTD-5 switches; Avaya Definity, Nortel Meridian 1 Option Series, Nortel SL-100, Redcom IGX, and Redcom Slice PBXs
  • Speakerphone for hands-free communications
  • Hands-free Voice Announcing of screened calls or station-level paging when on-hook
  • Speed Dialing keys
  • 36 name/number Speed Dial Directory
  • Last Number Redial
  • Caller ID and call duration display
  • Call Logging, with caller ID, called line ID, time, date, and duration; calls are sorted by type - unanswered, answered, and outgoing, with autodialing for easy callbacks
  • Password Protection option on Call Log viewing and installation setup
  • Call Identification, identifies additional incoming calls
  • Dedicated Function Keys: Conference, Transfer, Drop, Hold, Speakerphone, Mute, Volume
  • Soft Keys: Call menus, Setup menus, Line Key Feature Programming, Key Inspection & more
  • DTMF support for non-ISDN applications
  • Direct Station Selection with Busy Line Status indicators
  • Tilting LCD Display: 2 rows, 24 characters wide
  • User-selectable ringtone per line
  • Message Waiting LED Indication
  • Volume Control for voice transmit/receive and ringing
  • Date and Time Display
  • Hearing Aid Compatible, meets FCC Part 68 Volume Control Requirements
  • User can upgrade software via portable hand-held downloader
  • Local Inspect of call appearances, network feature keys, and directory numbers
  • Built-in Q.931 network protocol logging and analysis
  • Support for TAPI-compliant Windows applications with optional 6001TA Terminal Adapter
  • Analog telephone port provided by optional 6002TA Terminal Adapter
  • Desktop or Wall Mounting
  • "S/T" or "U" Interface versions available
  • Headset operation supported
  • Windows-based Setup Wizard for service ordering and set labeling
  • PhoneLink™ free call management add-in for Microsoft® Outlook
  • Made in USA

Requirements and Compatibility


12 Month warranty




Avaya PDF Tone Commander ISDN 6210 6220 User Manual