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  • The AT&T Spirit 1224 Phone System can handle 12 outside telephone lines and 24 telephones.
  • The AT&T Spirit 12X24 control unit can be expanded to 24 lines and 48 telephones. The telephones that work with this telephone system are the AT&T Spirit 24 Button telephone and the AT&T Spirit 6 Button Telephone.
  • The following Spirit 1224 expansion cards are available: 4 line expansion cards, 8 telephone expansion cards. The full capacity of the Spirit 1224 phone system is 12 lines and 24 telephones. The Spirit 1224 phone system supports AT&T Spirit System telephones.
  • Note:The Spirit 1224 ksu includes a power supply and is sold at 0 Lines x 0 Stations. Processor, Station Cards and Line Cards must be purchased seperately.


90 Day warranty




ATT-Avaya-Lucent-Spirit-1224-2448- Controller-Install.pdfATT Avaya Lucent Spirit 1224 2448 Controller Install.pdf
Avaya-ATT-Spirit-CS-User-Manual.pdfAvaya ATT Spirit CS User Manual.pdf