Xtreme Environmental Monitoring Sensor SNMP-EMPV2


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*SNMP-EMPV2 to be used with SNMP-2PV3

When an event occurs, SNMP-EMPV2 alarm will buzz. It can also be configured to simultaneously send an email thru SNMP-3PEX. When connected to SNMP-2PV2, it can then provide environment status feedback (temperature, humidity and water presence) via the internet using a standard browser.

  • Able to measure variations in temperature, humidity and presence of water.
  • Built-in radio frequency (“RF”) receiver.
  • Support up to 7 individually ID’d wireless Door / Window sensor to detect unauthorized access.
  • Support Wireless Smoke or Gas sensor to trigger alarm and send notification. Only one ID is available per type. More then one unit can share the same ID.
  • Support Glass sensor.
  • Support InfraRed Beam detector.
  • Support Passive InfraRed (“PIR”) for motion detection.


Warranty: 3 years electronics, 3 years battery

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