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  • Plug & Play Installation Automatic switch type detection, automated SPID entry, and parameter downloading are supported for simplified Plug & Play installation. The user can manually enter setup parameters if network parameter downloading is not available.
  • Works with All ISDN Versions Each model supports all versions of National ISDN and Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN without firmware or hardware modifications. Compatible with Lucent 5ESS, Nortel DMS-IOO, Siemens EWSD, AG Communication Systems GTD-5 networks, and Lucent Definity PABXs. User operation is the same on all network platforms.
  • Call Identification The call display indicates call state, caller ID information and elapsed time during calls. The identity of any call can be previewed at any time (even while on another call) to identify a call before it is answered
  • Tilt Display The 2 line x 24 character wide viewing angle, high contrast LCD display has variable contrast and adjustable tilt for optimum viewing in any environment.
  • Message Waiting Indication A dedicated, easy-to-see message waiting lamp is included on all models.
  • Multi-function Keys Ten (6210) or twenty (6220) keys with indicators can be assigned for call appearances, feature activation, or one-touch speed dialing. Feature kep can be remapped to match any network configuration. Local and remote status is clearly indicated on highly visible multicolor LEDs.
  • Special Function Keys Dedicated keys are provided for Conference, Transfer, Drop, Hold, Speakerphone, Mute, and Volume functions. Four dedicated menu control keys and four softkeys are provided to conveniently navigate display- oriented menus and select context-based options.
  • Call Log A call log maintains a running list of the last thirty answered and unanswered calls, with the caller ID, time, date, and duration of each call. Softkey autodialing allows easy callbacks. Entry into the call log may be password protected.
  • Call Preference Options You can specify whether a ringing or idle line appearance is automatically selected when the handset is taken off-hook, or the speakerphone is activated. Off-hook call preference may be set to Ringing, Idle, or None.
  • Last Number Redial A soft key redials the last number dialed on the dial pad or with a speed dial key.
  • Speed Dial Spare keys ran be programmed with up to 24 digits for quick one-key dialing. Network feature activators and "smart" pauses can be used for easy access to voice mail, directed call pickups and call forwarding.
  • Call Directory A 36 entry softkey-b•ased speed dialing system stores frequently-dialed namß and numbers.
  • Direct Station Selection Call appearance keys can be programmed to show busy line status on shared call appearances and provide one-button direct station selection for secretarial answering. The 6210/6220 automatically adjusts to answer a call appearance, or autodial the selected station, depending on call State. No special network setup is required for this feature.
  • Voice Announce Provides hands-free voice announcing Of screened calls or station-level paging when the phone is on-hook.
  • Flexible Ringing Options One of eight distinct ringing tones can be selected for each terminal, to uniquely identify a ringing station in an environment with multiple terminals. Distinctive ringing cadences based upon network alerting patterns are supported. When off hook, ringing is muted, with selectable continuous or single burst ringing
  • Ringing Control for Shared Lines Shared call appearances can be individually programmed on the phone for normal ringing, delayed ringing or no ringing.
  • DTMF Support for Non-ISDN Applications Audible DTMF signaling allows access to voice mail, auto attendant and other services.
  • Integrated Speakerphone All models include a built-in speakerphone with volume controls and a microphone Mute key. The speakerphone allows two-way hands-free conversation and on-hook dialing.
  • Headset Operation When a headset is used, hook switch operation can be disabled. Transmit and receive characteristics can be customized to match any headset.
  • Date and Time Display Time and date are displayed when the phone is idle. A call timer shows the elapsed time for calls in progress.
  • U or SIT Interface U interface models have a built-in ISDN Network Termination (NTI) and provide a powered S/T output to connect to other ISDN equipment. SII' interface models connect to an external NTI, such as the Tone Commander NTI [J -220TC„ for multipoint applications.
  • Desktop or Wall Mounting A reversible base allows easy wall mounting without an adapter kit. The tilt display provides optimal viewing for any application.
  • Local Inspect Call appearances and network feature keys can be inspected to verify the phone configuration after a network parameter download or user setup
  • Easy Firmware Updates Software can be easily updated to the latest version with a plug-in loader module or toll-free data call to Tone Commander's download server (requires circuit-switched data service).
  • Windows-based Setup Wizard A question-and-answer interface guides you through the process of planning an installation, ordering service, and labeling the set.


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