TN765 Processor Interface Pack


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  • Integrates the tone generator, tone detection, system clock, and synchronization functions onto one circuit pack for use in standard, high, and critical reliability systems
  • Provides 4 data links to the Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) bus and a link through the memory bus to the processor
  • Interfaces the 3B2 MSA, DCS, ISDN, and Audix Interface service
  • Allows direct access to one data link from an EIA port on the circuit pack
  • Other data links connect to a digital line circuit and a PDM or TDM to access an MSA, DCS, CMS, ISDN, or Audix
  • Data links can connect to DS1 tie trunks to access DCS or ISDN applications





Avaya-DEFINITY-G3-Planning-and-Configuration.pdfAvaya Definity G3 Planning and Configuration.pdf

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