Nortel Meridian NT8D09AL Analog Message Waiting Line Card


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The Nortel Meridian Analog Message Waiting Line Card will provide users with up to 16 analog ports for their existing single line telephones and analog devices. This card will also provide users with message waiting capabilities.

  • Provides 16 Analog Ports
  • Provides talk battery and signal strength for up to 16 regular 2-wire common battery Analog
  • (500/2500 Type) Telephones and Key Telephone Equipment
  • Provides Low-current feed that will light the MW Lamp on Telephones equipped with the MW Feature
  • Supports 56K Modem Operation
  • Cards later than the NT8DO9AK will provide an improved performance,
    specifically for lines used outside of a single building environment

  • For use with any Analog Devices such as:
    Single Line Telephones, Cordless Telephones, Fax Machines and Modems


  • Compatible with Meridian 1 Systems
  • May be installed in IPE or CE/PE modules





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