Merlin Plus Control Unit Release 2.0 (4×10)


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  • Includes Cabinet, Power, and Merlin Plus Release 2.0 Processor (4 Lines x 10 Stations)
  • Maximum capacity 8 lines x 20 stations
  • Uses 4 line and 10 station expansion cards
  • All Merlin telephones are compatible with 820D and 820D2
  • All features of Merlin Plus Release 1.0 Plus:
  • Remote line access
  • Call forwarding
  • Busy Buster (Repeated dialing attempts)
  • Additional speed dial (130 total)
  • Disallowed list


90 Day warranty





Merlin-Plus-Communications-System-R2-Install-Manual.pdf Avaya Merlin Plus Communications System R2 Install Manual.pdf
Merlin-Plus-Communications-System-R2-System-Manual.pdf Avaya Merlin Plus Communications System R2 System Manual.pdf

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