Merlin Magix Release 2.2 Processor


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  • Supports up to 80 lines and 200 extensions.
  • Businesses can easily be enhanced by adding any of a growing number of e-business, customer service, or computer telephony integration (CTI) applications.
  • Simplifies administration and maintenance, which can reduce operating costs. Programming is via a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI)- based software application: the Microsoft Windows-based System Programming and Maintenance (WinSPM) software.
  • This application provides on-screen icons and menu choices to guide system administrators through the administration process.
  • The processor module is the “brain” of the system, a miniature computer that controls system features and diagnostics, as well as the traffic among the modules.
  • The processor module has built in 2 jacks, one for SMDR and one for local system programming, and a built in modem for remote programming.
  • There is also a slot for PCMCIA card for backup/restore/upgrade applications. You can program the system through an MLX-20L on an MLX module, 4424LD+ on a TDL module, or through WINSPM either locally through the admin port or remotely thru the built in modem.







Avaya Merlin Magix Installation R2.2 and Earlier.pdf

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