Definity TN2314 Processor


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TN2314 Processor (S8100)

The S8100 Media Server supports voice stations with co-resident voice switching, voice and FAX messaging and system applications run on a Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. The communication between the firmware and the software is done by an Ethernet connection. An Intel processor Message Link (IML) is the Ethernet control link between the Pentium processor and the MPC860 processor. The link allows for the message based communication between the two processors

The S8100 Media Server has the following characteristics:

  • Processor – The processor is a 500-MHz Pentium III.


  • RAM – There are two slots for SDRAM memory modules, with a minimum of 256-MB of RAM and a maximum of 512-MB of RAM.
  • Front panel ethernet access – Services can access the switch via an RJ45 Ethernet jack on the circuit pack faceplate.
  • Hard disk – The circuit pack has a 20-GB hard disk.






Avaya-DEFINITY-ONE-Communication-System-R10.0.pdfAvaya DEFINITY ONE Communication System R10.0.pdf

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