Definity MCC Carrier Cooling Fan Unit


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  • A fan unit consisting of 6 fans, mounts near the center of the cabinet.
  • The 3 front fans blow up and the 3 rear fans blow down.
  • A removable air filter is provided above and below each fan unit.

Four sensors monitor the cabinet temperature:

  • 3 sensors are inside the cabinet top
  • 1 sensor is inside the cabinet bottom.
  • One of the top sensors affects the speed of the front fans.
  • The bottom sensor affects the speed of the rear fans.
  • A speed control and thermal alarm circuit in each fan monitors the sensors.
  • When a sensor indicates a change in cabinet temperature, the circuit in a fan changes that fan's speed accordingly.



Avaya-Definity-ECS-R9-System-Description.pdfAvaya Definity ECS R9 System Description.pdf

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