CISCO 8832 CONF PHONE (CP-8832-K9)


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The Cisco 8832 IP Conference Phone delivers easy-to-use audio conferencing with astounding voice quality and clarity. Newly developed microphones and loudspeakers provide the richest sound of any conference phone on the market. A unique acoustic design includes a “studio-monitor” full-range speaker. This loudspeaker architecture provides a dynamic, detailed sound with low distortion and low-frequency clarity, making conferencing an in-person experience.


  • 3.9-inch 480×128-pixel color LCD
  • 360-degree room coverage
  • Base unit provides 10 foot microphone pick up range, 20 x 20 foot room coverage, and up to 10 participants
  • With the optional wired extension microphone kit, systems covers 20 x 34 foot room and up to 22 participants
  • With the optional wireless extension microphone kit, systems covers 20 x 40 foot room and up to 26 participants
  • Can use either two wired extension microphones or two wireless extension microphones, but not a mixed combination
  • Large mute button in the middle of the device for easy access from all angles
  • LED indicator above the mute button showing the call status
  • Single USB-C port on the device to minimize the number of cables on the table (an Ethernet Adapter is required for any non-Wi-Fi deployment)
    Wi-Fi support
  • Single line with a user experience of multiple calls per line
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling
  • Codec support, including G.711(u/A), G.729a, G.729ab, iLBC, G.722, and OPUS
    IPv6 support.
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)-256 enabled for advanced security features.
  • Compatible with both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) Class 3 consumption


  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5(2) and later
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager time zone update 2016d or later
  • SRST 8.0 (IOS load 15.1(1)T) and above
  • Cisco Expressway 8.7
  • Unified CME 12.3 version (Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.1 release)


  • Cisco 8832 IP Conference Unit (CP-8832-K9=)
  • Cisco 8832 PoE Adapter w/3 meter (9.8 ft) USB-C cable (CP-8832-POE)





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