Avaya S8300C Media Server (700407810)


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Avaya S8300C Server

The Avaya S8300 Server with a G700, G450,G350 or G250 Media Gateway provides a flexible solution for growing companies to streamline voice and data operations over one networked infrastructure. It can be a standalone solution for a small business or a remote edge device for a larger enterprise network with 8 to 450 stations.

  • The Avaya S8300 Server is a media module that slides into a G250, G350, G450 or G700 Media Gateway.
  • In addition to acting as the main controller, the S8300 also can be used as a local survivable processor (LSP).
  • With Communications Manager Release 5.1, the S8300 messaging application supports IMAP4 Internet Message Access Protocol.
  • Business Benefits Increase productivity by providing advanced headquarters functionality to remote locations.
  • Maximize communication uptime with fully survivable gateways.
  • Reduce overall costs by leveraging existing communications infrastructure.
  • Save time and money by managing all sites from a single system interface.
  • Simplify installation with an integrated messaging solution.

Requirements and Compatibility

  • Compatible with Avaya G200, G350, or G700 media gateways
  • Compatible with Avaya Communication Manager 4.0 or higher






Avaya PDF Installing and Configuring the Avaya 8300 Series .pdf

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