Avaya Media Server Adapter (700407679)


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About server port connections

  • The following section explains how to connect the Ethernet ports on the back of the server.

Ethernet ports

  • One or more of the ethernet ports on the server cable adapter are used to support S8400configuration.
  • For control and adjunct connectivity, the S8400 Server supports the internal Processor Ethernet (PE) or separate C-LAN.
  • Messaging and administration use the customer link. If LAN connectivity is required for administration only, PE is not required.

Server cable adapter

  • The server cable adapter is mounted on the rear of the TN8400 Server circuit pack
  • (Figure 1: Server cable adapter). The server cable adapter provides the connection between the backplane pins and the RJ-45 connectors for:

Avaya Media Server Adapter 700407679


Integrates with S8400 series  running Avaya Communication Manager software.






Avaya PDF Installing and Configuring the Avaya S8400 Server.pdf

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