Avaya IP400 Digital Station 30 V2 (700359847)


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  • Provides an additional 30 digital station (DS) ports for digital telephones
  • Changes from V1
  • The DS ports have been rotated 180° to allow easier connection access.
  • The port status LED's have been moved and grouped adjacent to the ports.
  • The DTE serial port on the rear of the module has been changed to a 9-pin D-type socket.
  • The DS V2 uses an earthed 3-pin 60W external power supply unit.


  • Compatible with IP403, IP406 V1, IP406 V2, and IP412 control units
  • Compatible with IP500 control unit running Professional Edition






     Avaya-IP-Office-400-Installation-Manual.pdf Avaya IP Office 400 Installation Manual.pdf
     Avaya-IP-Office-400-500-Basic-Installation-Manual.pdf Avaya IP Office 400 500 Basic Installation Manual.pdf

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