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Avaya G250 Media Gateway Overview

The G250 supports the connection of PCs, LAN switches, IP telephones, analog telephones, and trunks, via fixed analog and PoE ports on the chassis. A media module slot supports either of two WAN media modules, for connection to a WAN. There are several models of the G250, with various port combinations for support of analog, BRI, or T1/E1 trunks or DCP telephones, as described below.

The G250 is available in the following models:

  • Analog model (G250-Analog). The G250-Analog includes four analog trunk ports, two analog line ports, a Fast Ethernet WAN port, and eight PoE LAN ports.
  • BRI model (G250-BRI). The G250-BRI includes two ISDN BRI trunk ports, one analog trunk port, two analog line ports, a Fast Ethernet WAN port, and eight PoE LAN ports.
  • DCP model (G250-DCP). The G250-DCP provides twelve DCP (Digital Communications Protocol) ports, as well as four analog trunk ports, two analog line ports, a Fast Ethernet WAN port, and two LAN ports.
  • DS1 model (G250-DS1). The G250-DS1 provides a T1/E1 and a PRI trunk port, enabling support of fractional T1/E1 and PRI. The G250-DS1 also includes one analog trunk port, two analog line ports, a Fast Ethernet WAN port, and eight PoE LAN ports.

G250 Physical Descriptions


  1. V1 — ICC/LSP Slot
  2. V2 — WAN Media Module Slot
  3. Analog port LEDs
  4. Analog trunks
  5. Analog line ports
  6. System LEDs
  7. Console port
  8. USB port
  9. Contact Closure (CCA) port
  10. Ethernet WAN (ETH WAN) port
  11. ETH LAN ports
  12. DCP ports
  13. DCP port LEDs


G250 and G350 features include:

  • Voice
    • Support for traditional telephones and trunks. In particular, the G250 and G350 support:
    • Two built-in line ports to support two analog telephones or incoming analog DID trunks
    • One analog trunk (four in the G250-Analog and the G250-DCP) to support a trunk or trunks of the following types:
      • Loop start – Ground start (G350 only)
      • CAMA (G350 only)
      • DIOD (Japan only)
      • Survivability features for continuous voice services
      • VoIP Media Gateway services
      • Call center capabilities
    • WAN
      • WAN Quality of Service (QoS)
      • Routing protocols (OSPF, RIP)
      • PPPoE
      • Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
      • Policy
      • based routing
      • DHCP client, server, and relay functions
      • GRE tunneling
      • Dynamic IP addressing
      • Fax and modem over IP
      • Object tracking
    • Server
      • DHCP servers
      • TFTP servers
    • LAN
      • Power-over-Ethernet LAN Switching
      • VLANs
      • Spanning Tree Protocols
        • IEEE 802.1D (STP)
        • IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) (G350 only)
      • Port mirroring
      • Port redundancy (G350 only) Introduction 14 Overview for the Avaya G250 and Avaya G350 Media Gateways
    • Security
      • RADIUS Authentication support
      • SNMP traps (v1 and v2 only) sent to the primary controller
      • SNMP v3
      • SSH Authentication support
      • VPN support
      • 802.1x support
      • Secrets management with Master Configuration Key (MCK) encryption
      • Avaya Communication Manager (CM) server management
    • Provisioning
      • Avaya Communication Manager (CM) server management
      • Extensive alarming and troubleshooting features
      • Modem access for remote administration
    • Survivability
      • MGC automatic switchover, migration, and survivability features
      • Modem backup connection to the MGC
      • Standard Local Survivability (SLS)
      • Dynamic Call Admission Control (CAC) for Fast Ethernet, Serial, and GRE tunnel interfaces
      • Inter-Gateway Alternate Routing (IGAR)
    • Management applications
      • Avaya G250/G350 Manager
      • Embedded Web Manager (G350 only)






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