Avaya DBM32 Button Module (700469968)


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The Avaya DBM32 Button Module provides 32 additional programmable line and feature keys for your Avaya 1416 telephone.

To power the Avaya DBM32 an Avaya 1151C1 power supply or currently manufactured Avaya 1151C1 equivalent (Avaya SPPOE-1A PoE Injector + Y-Adapter for PoE Injector) is required.

  • Provides 32 additional buttons with dual LEDs
  • Up to 3 DBM32 can be connected to an Avaya 1416 digital telephone


  • The Avaya DBM32 is compatible with Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or later and IP Office Release 6.0 or later
  • Compatible with 1416 digital phone.
  • Requires 1151C1 power supply or 1151C1 equivalent (SPPOE-1A + Y-Adapter) (sold separately; see drop down option above)






Avaya-1400-Series-Digital-Guide.pdf Avaya 1400 Series Digital Guide.pdf

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