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The Avaya Communications Digital Magic On Hold System plays a digitally stored, prerecorded Magic On Hold announcement over the message-on-hold bus of most telephone systems. To obtain Magic-On-Hold customized productions, call us.

The Magic-On-Hold Messages is a reliable, easy-to-use message-on-hold system that provides superior sound quality on every play. Using Message Mate digital audio cards, your MOH program is up and running instantly. Completely solid-state operation results in less wear of mechanical systems, increasing reliability and performance. The Digital Magic On Hold unit does not have internal recording capabilities.

The Digital Magic On Hold unit comes with a standard production on a 4- minute (2MB) Message Mate card. The unit features:

The unit provides 600-ohm and 8-ohm (2-Watt) output jacks for connection to the music-on-hold bus of a telephone system, external speaker, or public address system. The unit mounts easily on a shelf or desktop and comes complete with an audio patch cord and 12VDC power supply, which can be plugged into any convenient 110V AC outlet.

  • Automatic playback upon card insertion
  • High reliability with no tape wear or maintenance problems
  • Choice of 600-ohm or 8-ohm (2 Watt) output
  • Volume control
  • One time play capability (triggered by external contact closure)



90 Day warranty




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