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The Avaya BM12 button module provides 24 additional programmable line and feature buttons for Avaya 9408 and 9508 digital phones and Avaya 9600 series IP telephones.

For Avaya 9600 series IP phones, the BM12 receives its power directly from the 9600 series IP phone. For Avaya 9408 or 9508 digital telephones, an Avaya 1151C1 power supply or currently manufactured Avaya 1151C1 equivalent (Avaya SPPOE-1A PoE Injector + Y-Adapter for PoE Injector) is required.

  • Provides 24 additional buttons using two pages of 12 call appearances/features each
  • Buttons can be used for additional lines for incoming calls, outgoing calls, and calling features


  • The Avaya BM12 is compatible with the Avaya 9608, 9608G, 9611G, and 9641G IP phones
  • Also compatible with the Avaya 9408 and 9508 digital phones; when adding the BM12 to the Avaya 9408 or 9508, an 1151C1 power or 1151C1 equivalent power (SPPOE-1A + Y-Adapter) is required (sold separately; see drop down option above)
  • Can add up to three button modules per phone






Avaya-Deskphone-BM12-Button-Module-User-Guide.pdf Avaya Deskphone BM12 Button Module User Guide.pdf

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