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AT&T’s ISDN voice terminals, with the addition of the ADM, provide you with simultaneous voice and data communications capabilities in one unit. As a telephone, the ISDN voice terminal offers programmable buttons, fixed feature buttons, and a message indicator. The addition of the ADM allows attached data terminals or personal computers to send and receive data through an ISDN network.

  • Asynchronous full-duplex operation at data rates from 1200 bits per second (bps) to 57.6 kilobits per second (kbps) through an EIA-232-D interface.
  • X.25 packet switched data communication including receipt of X.29 commands from a remote X.25 host for setting packet switched data parameters.
  • Circuit switched data communication over 56 or 64 kbps facilities via industry standard V.120 rate adaption protocol.
  • Circuit switched data communication over 64 kbps facilities via AT&T’s Digital Multiplexed Interface (DMI) Mode 2 or Mode 3 rate adaption protocols.
  • A user friendly command interface with on-screen help, nine programmable named data memory numbers, and four programmable data option profiles.
  • A standard AT command set interface for compatibility with applications which require this command format.
  • Remote and local loopback tests.






Avaya PDF ISDN _Installation_and_Test_Manual
Avaya PDF ISDN 7505 7506 7507 Terminals Users Guide
Avaya PDF ATT ISDN 7506 7507 User Manual

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