700A DS1 CPE Loopback Jack (T1 Only)


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  • Using the DS1 CPE Loopback Jack (apparatus code 700A, comcode 107988867), a technician can test the DS1 span between the system and the network interface point.
  • The loopback jack is required when DC power appears at the interface to the ICSU. The loopback jack isolates the ICSU from the DC power and properly loops the DC span power.
  • Operates with any vintage of TN767E (or later) or TN464F (or later) DS1 circuit packs and with G3V3 EDI release 3 (or later) software.
  • Operates with the 120A2 (or later) Integrated Channel Service Unit (ICSU) only; not 31xx series CSU ot other external CSUs or earlier CSUs.


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