6219 Single Line Telephone (Gray)


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  • These telephones are designed to cost-effectively integrate with all Avaya business communications servers.
  • The Avaya 6200 Series Analog Telephones deliver the business calling features you count on with great control, quality, and built-in reliability. Your business will benefit from the right combination of flexibility and ease of use.
  • The features of the 6219 are: Set Hold, System Hold (DEFINITY systems only, and music on hold if supported by the switch), Message Waiting, Redial, Flash, Positive Disconnect, a built-in Data Jack to easily connect a fax, modem, or laptop computer to your telephone, Repertory Dialing (10 buttons with up to 24 digits or elements each) which can be “locked” into the system with Program Keylock, and Personalized Ringing which lets you know immediately which telephone is ringing.
  • This series of telephones has a small footprint so it won’t take up much of your valuable desktop.
  • It is also wall mountable for added flexibility and convenience.


12 Month warranty



Avaya PDF Avaya 6200 Series Analog Telephones.pdf
Avaya PDF Avaya 6219 Quick Reference.pdf

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