• [SRS-1050]


Fujitsu SRS-1050 ATT 5ESS Features .

  • Handset/Headset. Use the familiar handset, the speaker and microphone, or a headset to make or answer calls.
  • Speaker/Microphone. The speaker is located directly under the handset. In handsfree operation, it lets you hear the other parties in a telephone call. The microphone on the front edge of the front edge of the phone picks up your voice, unless switched off with the MIC-OFF key.
  • Numeric Keypad. You use these twelve keys to enter the number you are calling or the special characters *(asterisk) or #(pound sign).
  • Display. The display shows call information such as the telephone number of the other party, call duration, and time of day.
  • Softkeys/KEY MENU. Four buttons below the display with changeable functions. The KEY MENU key displays the current functions on line 2 of the display.
  • Multifunction buttons. These buttons are assigned to Call Appearances, one-touch numbers, or local features.
  • Volume/Contrast buttons. Increase or decrease display contrast (when no Call Appearance is active), or speaker volume (when a CA is active).
  • Function keys. Single-touch keys for ISDN features (see Function Keys).


12 Month warranty




Fujitsu_SRS_1050.pdf Fujitsu SRS 1050.pdf