• [D600JCT1E120U]


  • 48 or 60 independent voice channels in a single PCI H.100 slot
  • Supports G.726 bit exact and GSM coders
  • Silence-compressed recording
  • Unified call control access through Global Call interface
  • Separate models available with Universal PCI or PCI Express edge-connector
  • Supports DSP-based onboard fax and host-based speech recognition in certain environment (fax and host-based speech recognition are mutually exclusive)


  • Lower costs while creating larger high-density systems with fewer boards per chassis
  • Lets developers implement unified messaging applications that meet VPIM standards
  • Provides worldwide application portability and shortens development time by using the same API for almost any network protocol
  • Universal form factor compatible with 3.3 V and 5.0 V bus signals enabling deployment in a wide variety of PCI chassis from popular manufacturers; PCI Express form factor compatible with 1x slot ( x1 or higher compatible) also available.


12 Month warranty




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