The D/41JCT-LS AY is a 4 port analog PCI telephony board with support for voice, fax, and software-based speech recognition processing in a single PCI slot. The cards are often used in auto dialer and voice mail applications.

  • 4" x 13" - Full length card
  • Universal PCI connector supports both 3.3 and 5 volt PCI slots
  • 4 RJ-11 analog telephone ports
  • Install multiple cards in chassis for more than 4 lines
  • Has CTbus for connection to and resource sharing with other CTbus cards.
  • Supported in System Release 6 and System Release 5.1.1 .
  • Tested to start in DCM, passes UDD and all ports tested


12 Month warranty




Avaya PDF Dialogic D41JCT LS Quick_Install Guide