Avaya G250 DCP I/F Media Gateway (700360654)

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Extending converged, intelligent Business Communications
Applications to the small branch office.

Avaya G250 DCP Overview

The Avaya G250 Media Gateway is a powerful branch communication solution that packs an IP telephony gateway, an advanced IP WAN router, and a high-performance LAN switch into a compact, 2U high 19” rack mount unit. The G250 Gateway is a new member of the Avaya branch gateway product line that extends the Avaya Business Communications Applications from a headquarters location to a branch. It is ideally suited for enterprises with multiple branch locations needing from 2 to 12 extensions.

The system gains its functionality from a centralized Avaya Media Server running Avaya Communication Manager, and includes several survivability options for increased reliability and confidence. Alternatively, where a stand-alone branch solution is desired, the G250 Gateway can operate as a stand alone system with Avaya Communication Manager running on an internally installed media server. As part of the Avaya Media Gateway family, the G250 can be installed in very small branch locations, while the Avaya G350 and G700 Media Gateways serve small and medium sized branches, delivering commonality across the entire enterprise.

A Complete Branch Office Solution

The G250 Gateway is designed to meet the increased communication needs of branch offices by connecting everyone in an organization regardless of where they work. All users in an enterprise can now have access to a full set of enterprise communication applications. No longer do branch employees have to settle for a separate, often isolated communication system that requires them to remember different dialing codes to reach other employees. Additionally, with a single set of centralized applications, management is significantly simpler than managing multiple systems serving each branch location.

High Availability

With several powerful survivability options, the G250 Media Gateway can be installed with confidence that communications will continue to work even if the connection back into the main system is lost. The G250 survivability features include:

  • Standard Local Survivability: Embedded capability provides operations if connection into the centralized
  • Modem Dial Back-up: Allows the gateway to reconnect to the centralized Avaya Media Server over a modem if the main connection is lost.
  • Enhanced Local Survivability: An Avaya S8300 Media Server can be installed in the G250 Gateway to operate as a Local Survivable Processor delivering 100% of the Avaya Communication Manager features.
  • Connection Preserving Migration: Keeps calls connected if the gateway loses connection and is migrating to a backup connection or an alternative media server.


Single box solution

The Avaya G250 also functions as an edge router to
support the consolidation of voice and data traffic over
an IP network. Optional IP WAN routing media modules
add support for PPP/Frame Relay connectivity over E1/
T1 or Universal Serial Port (USP) interfaces. The G250
media gateway
can also connect to an external WAN
device via a fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router port,
which supports traffic shaping to match data transfer
rates with available WAN bandwidth.

End-to-end security

The G250 Gatewaycomplies with the Avaya end-toend
security architecture, delivering advanced security
features such as AES encryption and integrated VPN.
The G250 Gateways are also available in FIPS 140-2
certified versions meeting the U.S. Government’s most
demanding security requirements. Because the gateway
is typically installed as part of an enterprise-wide Avaya
Communication Manager solution, system and security
management is enhanced providing a lower total cost
branch solution.

Avaya_G250 DCP

Avaya DCP Digital Telephones

The G250-DCP and the DCP media modules supported by the G350 support the following DCP telephones:

Note: The G250 does not support DCP media modules, although the G250-DCP
includes DCP ports on its chassis.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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Avaya_G250_Media_Gateway_Overview.pdfAvaya G250 Media Gateway Overview.pdf

Avaya G250 Media GatewayAvaya G250 Media Gateway.pdf

Avaya PDF Avaya Overview 250 350 Media Gateways Modules.pdf

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Avaya 9611G IP Telephone Global (700504845)

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Avaya 9611G IP Deskphone


The 9611G IP deskphone is an 8-line phone ideally suited for users that consider their phone to be one of many useful communication tools, and rely on common functions like directory and speed dial to enhance productivity and communications.

Provide everyday users with enriched communications capabilities

Enabling customers to transition easily to the best of IP phone technology, the 9611G IP Deskphone delivers intelligent communications with a traditional look and feel, graphical color display, high definition audio quality with full duplex speaker, and a wideband handset and headset.

Competitively priced and high-performing, it supports a USB interface, integrated Gigabit Ethernet, a secondary Ethernet port, and up to three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules. Part of the 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9611G leverages your enterprise IP Network to deliver sophisticated communications from headquarters or remote locations. Integrated with the Avaya Aura® and IP Office™ Platforms, the 9611G’s evolutionary approach optimizes communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers high-definition audio that can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier-to understand multi-party calls using the wide band audio codec in the handset and headset
  • Facilitates access to information through an easy-to-read, high resolution color display and a permanently labeled Navigation Cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)
  • Delivers visual queues that can speed task management through 8 Red/Green LED buttons
  • Helps increase productivity through context-sensitive graphical interfaces
  • Simplifies call control on the display using softkeys to transfer, conference and forward calls and to access everyday processes including third party applications such as company wide corporate directories
  • Provides consistency through a common Avaya one-X® interface (including mobile endpoints)
  • Wired/wireless headset compatible
  • Enables efficient, high-speed call management through support for up to three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules
  • Supports reduced energy consumption and costs through Power-over-Ethernet Class 1 design with “sleep mode”
  • Provides choice through integrated Gigabit Ethernet and USB interface support
  • Accommodates advanced unified communications solutions with Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based infrastructure


The Avaya 9611G Digital Deskphone sells in Unopened Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya 9611G IP Telephones.

Avaya_9611G_IP_Deskphone_Brochure.pdfAvaya 9611G IP_Deskphone Brochure.pdf

Avaya_9611G_IP_Telephone_Guide.pdfAvaya 9611G IP Telephone Guide.pdf

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Avaya G450 MP80 Media Gateway (700459456)

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Avaya G450 Media Gateway

The Avaya G450 Media Gateway provides a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for the delivery of Avaya Communication Manager-based IP telephony applications. It is targeted to mid to large sized branch offices, medium sized standalone businesses or small campus environments. Like other Avaya GX50 series Media Gateways, it can be configured to extend Communication Manager features and applications to branch offices at the edge of the enterprise network. The G450 can also be configured with an S8XXX
Server to deliver Communication Manager-based telephony to campus environments.

Avaya G450 Media Gateway Product Details

The Avaya G450 Media Gateway consists of a 3U high, 19” rack mountable chassis with field- removable Supervisor Main Board Module, Power Supplies, Fan Tray, DSP resources and memory. It has eight Media Module slots that host a combination of interface boards to support T1/E1, ISDN-BRI, WAN interfaces, digital or analog telephones and analog trunks. The first Media Module slot can also host an S8300 Server to provide integrated IP Telephony for standalone businesses or mission-critical survivability for branch office-deployed G450s.

Important G450 capabilities include:

Field-replaceable Main Board Module

supports optional DSP and Memory add-ons. Built-in interfaces include two 10/100/1000 Base-T LAN ports, two 10/100 Base-T WAN ports, two USB ports, console and services ports, contact closure adjunct port, and an ETR port (for emergency calls during power failures) Compact Flash slot for additional announcements storage.

Modular DSP Resources

are available as daughterboards for Main Board Module. These daughterboards can be implemented in increments. The maximum capacity is 320 channels. Codecs supported include G.711, G.729, and G.726.

Robust TDM Capabilities for scalability and deployment flexibility

including 320 voice channel capacity, 192 analog or digital (DCP) ports, up to 8 T1/E1s* up to 10,000 Busy Hour Call Completions.

High-resiliency features

such as dual,redundant, load-sharing power supplies; modular fan tray, standard Local Survivability and Enhanced Local Survivability (with S8300 Server).

Basic routing capabilities

including OSPF, RIP, PPP, Frame Relay and VRRP support. Available IP WAN routing media modules add support for PPP/Frame Relay connectivity over E1/T1 or Universal Serial Port (USP) interfaces. The G450 can also connect to an external WAN device via fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router ports, which support traffic shaping to match data transfer rates with available WAN bandwidth.

Enhanced Quality of Service

including Dynamic Call Admission Control for improved bandwidth utilization and Respond Time Report for better WAN monitoring.

Advanced Security

including VPN support, SRTP encryption, SSH/SCP, SNMP v3 support, secrets management.

* Maximum of 238 voice channels are supported with
Communication Manager 5.2

Avaya G450 Features and Benefits:

  • Robust Resiliency Features Support Business Continuity
    The G450 delivers a variety of voice survivability options to help ensure that the branch can continue to function effectively in the event of network outages. By using an S8300 Server in Local Survivable Processor (LSP) mode, full-featured IP telephony is restored quickly when the WAN link between the main S8XXX Server and the remote G450 is broken. Even without the LSP, the
    G450 supports Standard Local Survivability, where basic telephony features are available when the WAN link fails. Furthermore, dual, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, and replaceable, hot-swappable main board modules and fan trays ensure help to lower both MTBF and MTBR.
  • Designed for Deployment Flexibility
    The G450 is interoperable with other Avaya Media Gateways and can be used in either the main headquarters location (with an S8XXX Server running Communication Manager) or a mid to large branch office networked back to a central S8XXX Server.
  • Scalable, High Capacity Platform provides Investment Protection
    The G450 has the capacity to grow as business needs expand with its modular architecture and capacity for 192 analog or digital endpoints, 8 T1/E1s*, 320 DSPs, and 64 announcements.
  • Enhanced Serviceability lowers Total Cost of Ownership
    The G450’s modular design streamlines serviceability for both customers and field technicians. Fans can be easily replaced, DSPs and RAM easily added, supervisor modules swapped out, power supplies changed. Given that all media modules, main board modules, power supplies and fan trays are hot-swappable; downtime is minimized.
  • Enhanced Security protects Sensitive Information
    The G450, like other GX50 Media Gateways, helps to encrypt voice traffic and signaling over the IP network to prevent eavesdropping. In addition, the G450 supports advanced security features such as comprehensive secrets management, SSH/SCP and SMNP v3 so network managers can securely configure and manage the G450.

*Maximum of 238 DSOs are supported in CM5.2

The Avaya G450 Media Gateway is compatible with MM710, MM711, MM712, MM714, MM716, MM717, MM720, MM722, MM340, and MM342 Media Modules.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for Avaya G450 Media Gateway.

Avaya PDF Avaya_G450_Quick_Start_Install.pdf

Avaya PDF Avaya G450 Media Gateway.pdf

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Avaya 9408 Digital Telephone (700500205)

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A Power Solution for Essential Users and Navigators


The Avaya 9400 Series Digital Deskphones allow companies to deliver highly reliable, high quality, communication solutions for a range of user types within the organization. With an appearance and functionality similar to that of the well-established Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9400 Series can be deployed in mixed digital/IP telephony environments and are an ideal choice for companies wanting to add digital endpoints – with a consistent look and user experience – to their existing portfolio. The 9400 Series’ smart design, crystal-clear sound and productivity features make these phones an easy choice for companies looking to gain strategic competitive advantage from their communications infrastructure.

Looks Great, Sounds Better:
The 9400 series features large, eye-friendly displays; paperless, all-digital labeling; and a high quality integrated speakerphone that ensures everyone can hear and be heard.

Familiar, Functional Interface:
There’s almost no learning curve with the 9400 Series. Almost any user will intuitively know to use the fixed keys to access the most common features and the flexible soft keys with contextual guidance and prompts.

A Sound Investment:
The 9400 Series is an excellent value for your growing company – and it’s designed to remain that way, with expansion options including a headset interface. The 9400 Series delivers significant competitive advantages at its price point while lowering total cost of ownership for your company.

The Avaya 9408 Digital Deskphone:
An Indispensable Phone for Essential Users and Navigators


Essential or “power users” are customer facing workers who spend a great deal of time on the phone. They rely on advanced telephony features and depend on high quality, real-time voice communications, for the success of their roles. Navigators are people who answer incoming calls, transfer customers to various departments or extensions and monitor several line appearances throughout a typical day.

The Avaya 9408 Digital Deskphone sells in Unopened Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya 9400 IP Telephones.

Avaya 9408 User Guide Avaya IP Office 9408 Telephone Quick Guide.pdf

Avaya 9400 User Guide Avaya 9400 Series Digital Deskphone User Guide.pdf

Avaya_9408_Digital_Fact_Sheet.pdf Avaya 9408 Digital Fact Sheet.pdf

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Avaya MM717 DCP Media Module (700394711)

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Avaya MM717 DCP Media Module (700394711)

The Avaya MM717 Media Module provides 24 Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) ports connected through an RJ21X amphenol connector.

Avaya MM717 Media Module Features

  • Supports simultaneous operation of all 24 ports
  • Each port can be connected to a 2-wire DCP telephone: 2400, 6400, and 8400 series
  • Does not support 4-wire DCP telephones
  • The MM717 allows you to use one of the smaller media module slots for a large number of DCP telephones.

Avaya MM717 Media Module Compatibility

  • Supported in G350, G450, and G700 Media Gateways

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya MM717 DCP Media Module 700394711.pdf.

Avaya_Overview_250_350_Media_Gateways_Modules.pdfAvaya Overview 250 and 350 Media_Gateways Modules.pdf

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Polycom VoiceStation 500

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Polycom VoiceStation 500

Crystal-clear conferencing for smaller
rooms and desktops

Bluetooth®-enabled voice conferencing designed for offices and small meeting spaces

The Polycom VoiceStation 500 is a small Bluetooth-enabled conference phone ideally suited for desktops, offices, and other small rooms. With a microphone range of up to seven feet, the VoiceStation 500 is perfect for small conferences with three to four participants. Plus its compact industrial design fits well on a desk or small table, making it a great solution for offices. With the VoiceStation 500, you can enjoy Polycom’s legendary voice quality at an affordable price.

Use your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to connect wirelessly to the VoiceStation 500 for hands-free voice conferencing. It can also connect to a Bluetooth-enabled computer for high-quality hands-free conferencing over Internet calling services such as Skype. If your mobile phone or computer is not Bluetooth-enabled, simply use the integrated 2.5mm applications port for wired connections.

Featuring Polycom’s award-winning Acoustic Clarity Technology, the VoiceStation 500 delivers significantly improved voice quality over the previous-generation VoiceStation 100. The VoiceStation 500 features three sensitive microphones that offer 360-degree room coverage. Smart technology, such as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity, while reducing distracting room and background noise. It also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications with no distractions. Plus, Polycom’s legendary full-duplex technology ensures that everyone on the call can be heard.

Convenient controls for Bluetooth, volume adjustment, mute, redial, flash and hold are located on an intuitive, easy-to-use keypad. When dialing over regular phone lines, a handset phone can be plugged in for private calls, or simply switch back to the VoiceStation 500 for hands-free conversations.

Make Great Things Happen with VoiceStation 500

In today’s Internet driven world, the ability to conduct real time communication and collaboration has become critical to an organisation’s survival. As the market leader in voice, video, data and web solutions, our awardwinning conference technology makes it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity over any network, in just about any environment, anywhere around the globe. That’s why more organisations worldwide use and prefer Polycom conferencing solutions. Because when people work together, great things happen. See how you, too, can achieve great things with Polycom VoiceStation 500.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Polycom VoiceStation 500 Specifications.pdf.


Polycom_VoiceStation_500_User_Guide.pdfPolycom VoiceStation 500 User Guide.pdf

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ACCX (AYC22) Digital Networking Card

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ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card

ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card
Features Overview

The following provides a brief introduction of the ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card.

The Lucent Intuity Release 5 system allows combinations of DCP and RS-232 in two-channel increments through the ACCX circuit card. Each ACCX circuit card terminates four data channels in one of the following combinations:

  • Two DCP ports, each providing two Interface channels (I-channels) for data. Depending on the version of the switch the customer has, only one of the two Ichannels of each DCP port may be used as shown in the following list:
    • — System 75 R1V3, DEFINITY G1 R1V4, and DEFINITY G3i, G3s, or G3vs Version 1 only support one I-channel per DCP port
    • — DEFINITY G3i, G3s, and G3vs Version 2 can use both of the I-channels. The option must be purchased, installed, and administered on the switch before Lucent Intuity Release 5 system administration is performed. Lucent account representatives have more information on the I-channel option for the Intuity AUDIX Digital Networking feature package.
  • Four RS-232 ports
  • One DCP port (two I-channels) and two RS-232 ports
  • When using TCP/IP, an ACCX card can take the place for up to 4 TCP/IP channels, through the Ethernet LAN card. If no ACCX card is used, then all 12 networking channels can be configured as TCP/IP.

The Comtalk Sales works with the customer to help determine the best configuration.

For more information visit our Library  for  ACCX (AYC22) Digital Networking Card.

Installing-Optional-Circuit-Cards.pdf Installing Optional Circuit Cards.pdf

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Universal Paging and Access Module (UPAM) (405891698)

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Avaya Universal Paging Access Module

Avaya Universal Paging Access Module
Features Overview

The following provides an overview of the features of the Avaya Universal Paging Access Module.

24V or 48V Operation(Trunk Port Operation) — MODE switches let you select 24V (not included) or 48V (included)
power supply. A 48-volt power supply is included to provide 48-volt trunk
port operation.

Pre-announce and Confirmation tones — A pre-announce tone (heard at the telephone and the loudspeakers) or (heard only at the telephone) can be selected with Tones MODE switches. (One of these modes must be selected for the unit to operate properly.) A screwdriver-adjustable control (TONE VOL) sets the level of each. (NOTE: When used with ground-start trunk ports, only the pre-announce option can be used.)

VOX Delay Timer — Voice-controlled disconnect timer, for use in station port operation is enabled with a MODE switch. This automatically disconnects the line after a predetermined interval of silence (from 2 to 6 seconds, set with the VOX DELAY control; the setting may be critical with telephone systems that issue a rapid recorder tone after the paging party hangs up).

Default Timer — A default timer sets the maximum time allotment for paging (6 to 35
seconds, set with the PAGING TIME control). This timer ensures that the unit will always disengage the line by forcing a disconnect, if the other disconnect functions are disabled or not available with a specific telephone switch. Note: The timer may be extended or inhibited.

Background Music Input Jack and Volume Control —An RCA-type jack (BGM IN) accepts background music sources from the paging system. The level can be set with the BGM VOL control.

Contact Closures—Two normally-open contact closures are provided on the UPAM which change state when the unit is activated. One set is located on the punch block (terminals N.O. and COM) and the other set is located on the bottom side of the unit (terminal strip).

Direct Page Port Connection An 8-conductor modular cable is included for easy connection to modular page ports.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya Universal Paging Access Module.

Avaya PDF Universal Paging Access Module.pdf

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Avaya PagePac Plus AmpliCenter D300

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Avaya PagePac Plus AmpliCenter D300

The Comtalk Difference
-Added Features

We have improved on the standard PagePac Plus by adding:

  • Cooling Fan- Increasing the cooling capacity.
  • Metal Flashing- Which draws air across furthering cooling the Unit.
  • By Keeping the Unit cool, We have greatly increased the longevity of the Unit- which saves our customers money!

Avaya PagePac Plus AmplCenter D300
Features Overview

The following list provides an overview of the features of the PagePac Plus AmpliCenter.

Amplifies paging — The AmpliCenter amplifies the page in increments of 20 watts (D20), 100 watts (D100), or 300 watts (D300) for a 70V constant voltage distribution system.
Paging input — The AmpliCenter accepts inputs from PBX trunk ports, dry loop page ports, or amplified microphones.
Music interface — The AmpliCenter is the unit to which the background music source (CD, radio, tape player) is connected, for distribution to the paging system.
Volume control — The AmpliCenter has music ducking (mute) level,
music volume level, and bass control adjustment pots on the rear panel. Overall output level can be controlled by dialing a DTMF code.
Remote amplifier connection — The AmpliCenter provides 0 dBm audio output for connection to a remote amplifier, which receives a contact closure control signal from the AmpliCenter.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya PagePac Plus AmplCenter D300.

Avaya PDFPagePac Plus AmpliCenters.pdf
Avaya PDFPagePac Controller.pdf
Avaya PDFATT PagePac Plus AmpliCenter Installation and User.pdf

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Avaya 655A Power Supply (700406135)

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Avaya_655A Power Supply


Avaya 655A Power Supply


Solution Overview

The Avaya G650 can use one or two Avaya 655A power supplies that can have both AC and DC input power
present. Either power supply can provide all the power needed by the G650. When there are two power supplies, they share the power load. One power supply can operate on AC power and the other on DC power. But, if AC power is available, the system always uses AC power.

The Avaya 655A power supply is:

  • The only power supply supported in the G650
  • Not backward compatible to other carrier types

If you use only one Avaya 655A power supply, place it in slot 0. If you are using two power supplies, place them in slots 0 and 15.

Note: You can insert or remove a redundant power supply and not affect the G650 if the other Avaya 655A power supply is operating.


Avaya 655A Power Supply Detailed Description


Input Power

The Avaya 655A power supply can operate on either AC or DC input power. But, if AC power is available, the system always uses AC power. One power supply can operate on AC power, and the other on DC power. The power supplies use AC power first and switch to DC power if AC power fails or is not present.


AC Power

Commercial AC is the primary input power source. Both slot 0 and slot 15 have dedicated AC input. The Avaya 655A power supply can operate on AC input that ranges from 90 to 264 VAC at 47 to 63 Hz. The nominal ranges for AC power are:

  • 100 to 120 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz
  • 200 to 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz


DC power

Minus 48VDC power can be supplied simultaneously as backup power. One -48VDC power input point is provided on the G650 backplane and is distributed through the backplane to each power supply.



The five LEDs on the faceplate of the Avaya 655A power supply are in a vertical line with the red LED on top. These five LEDs provide the following status:

  • Red – This LED:
    – Lights when there is a failure in either the power supply or the fans. For a Avaya G650 with
    redundant power supplies, a failure in the fan assembly results lights this LED on both
    power supplies.
    – Flashes off once per second when the software shuts down the ring voltage output of a
    power supply
  • Yellow – This LED:
    – Lights when the status of the power supply and fans is OK
    – Flashes once per second when the software shuts down a single power supply, in a
    carrier with operational redundant power supplies
  • Green – Lights when there is AC power applied to the power supply
  • Green – Lights when there is DC power applied to the power supply
  • Green – Lights when the power supply is supplying ringing to the G650


Avaya 655A ring generation

The Avaya 655A provides either North American ringing (20Hz) or European/International (25Hz) ringing. The 655A also has a setting to provide no ringing. This setting is applicable when the customer supplies a ring generator that is external to the power supply. An example of an external ring generator is the TN2202 French ringing circuit pack. The 655A power supply provides a physical slide switch to select the frequency of the ring generator. The options are:

  • 20Hz — North American
  • 25Hz — European and international
  • Other — No ringing output. Applicable when an external ring generator is used such as the
    TN2202 French ringing circuit pack.

You must remove the power supply from the G650 when you change the ringing frequency selection. The ringing frequency selection switch is on the back of the power supply. Only one 655A supplies ringing to the Avaya G650. The power supply in slot 0 in the Avaya G650 with an A carrier address is the default for ringing. The system uses this default Avaya 655A unless the Avaya 655A has failed or the software has commanded it to shut down. When a G650 carrier has redundant power supplies, one supply automatically supplies ringing if the other power supply fails. A Avaya 655A provides ringing to only one G650 carrier. For example, the 655A power supplies in carrier A supply ringing to carrier A only. Meanwhile, the power supplies in carrier D supply ringing to carrier D only. If the ring generation in both of a carrier’s power supplies fail, no other power supply provides ringing for the carrier.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya 655A Power Supply.

Avaya 655A Power SupplyAvaya_Communication_Manager_Hardware_Guide

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