Universal Paging and Access Module (UPAM) (405891698)

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Avaya Universal Paging Access Module

Avaya Universal Paging Access Module
Features Overview

The following provides an overview of the features of the Avaya Universal Paging Access Module.

24V or 48V Operation(Trunk Port Operation) — MODE switches let you select 24V (not included) or 48V (included)
power supply. A 48-volt power supply is included to provide 48-volt trunk
port operation.

Pre-announce and Confirmation tones — A pre-announce tone (heard at the telephone and the loudspeakers) or (heard only at the telephone) can be selected with Tones MODE switches. (One of these modes must be selected for the unit to operate properly.) A screwdriver-adjustable control (TONE VOL) sets the level of each. (NOTE: When used with ground-start trunk ports, only the pre-announce option can be used.)

VOX Delay Timer — Voice-controlled disconnect timer, for use in station port operation is enabled with a MODE switch. This automatically disconnects the line after a predetermined interval of silence (from 2 to 6 seconds, set with the VOX DELAY control; the setting may be critical with telephone systems that issue a rapid recorder tone after the paging party hangs up).

Default Timer — A default timer sets the maximum time allotment for paging (6 to 35
seconds, set with the PAGING TIME control). This timer ensures that the unit will always disengage the line by forcing a disconnect, if the other disconnect functions are disabled or not available with a specific telephone switch. Note: The timer may be extended or inhibited.

Background Music Input Jack and Volume Control —An RCA-type jack (BGM IN) accepts background music sources from the paging system. The level can be set with the BGM VOL control.

Contact Closures—Two normally-open contact closures are provided on the UPAM which change state when the unit is activated. One set is located on the punch block (terminals N.O. and COM) and the other set is located on the bottom side of the unit (terminal strip).

Direct Page Port Connection An 8-conductor modular cable is included for easy connection to modular page ports.

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