TransTalk 9040 Digital Wireless Handset (3204-09B)


TransTalk 9040 Wireless Handset — Standard Business Features

Delivering all the functionality of a regular, wired desk phone, the TransTalk 9040 wireless handset provides a full set of call appearance/feature buttons, delivering one-touch access to conference, redial, hold, mute, transfer and other standard business features. The backlit display is easy to read in the dimly lit reaches of a warehouse, or wherever lighting is not particularly favorable, and is also visible when the phone is sitting upright in the battery charger, increasing its usefulness even when users are at their desk.

A built-in vibrator lets you detect ringing if you’re in
a meeting, or some other situation where actual ringing would be bothersome. Weighing in at just eight
ounces, its lightweight enough to take anywhere, and
comes with it own belt clip and wrist strap.

  • Standard battery life gives you 3 hours of talk time, and 22 hours of standby. You can also buy an extended use battery for 8 hours of talk and 72 hours of standby.
  • A Fast Battery Charger will charge two batteries at once and recondition them at the same time.
  • Battery backup will give you nearly unlimited talk time if you use 2 batteries with the standard battery charger.

The TransTalk 9040 wireless handset works up to 900 feet away from the Radio Module. The system can be divided into two zones with approximately 1 million square feet of coverage—it works with a manual handoff as you move from zone to zone.

Compatibility and Simple Setup

With the TransTalk 9040, Avaya has simplified set-up and administration of the wireless system. Each base station now supports up to two TransTalk 9040 wireless handsets (it’s easy to add the second one at any time) and no longer requires a carrier assembly or separate local AC power supply. And TransTalk 9040 wireless handsets support ATL, ETR, TDL and DCP station connectivity, simplifying connections and
lowering costs.

  • Sales people. Do your sales people have to be out on
    a selling floor? Leads, referrals, prospects, and active
    customers can still reach them if they are carrying a
    TransTalk wireless handset. They can check messages,
    return important calls, and serve the customers who are
    so important to your business.
  • Support staff. Keeping a small business lean andsharp means that support staffers are constantly on the move: checking details, solving problems small and large, getting information from colleagues in other areas, pushing to get things done. With the TransTalk® solution, they don’t have to leave everything else behind when a task that takes them to another part of the business comes up.
  • Managers/supervisors. Managers and supervisors constantly move around, coaching, solving problems and offering their support. They can be more effective if they’re not out of reach when they’re away from their desks.
  • Experts. People with specialized skills—doctors, IT professionals, designers, engineers—need to be where the action is. And that’s not necessarily at their desks.
  • Security. Security personnel need to be canvassing the business premises—and they especially need to be in touch. They need the ability to summon help if it’s required and to report in. With TransTalk 9040, they’ll be able to do just that.
  • >Manufacturing. Your employees will be more effective if they’re available. Problems get solved faster. Changes can be made in an organized way. Critical information can be exchanged in real time.
  • Warehouse. Employees who work in your warehouse can choose an optional headset and fill and expedite orders, answer questions and keep the goods and information flowing—all with their hands free.
  • Peak days/seasons. Does your business experience temporary expansion on special days or even seasonally? The TransTalk 9040 can help you maintain the flow of communication without the expense of having to hard-wire new phones.

The TransTalk 9040 Wireless Handset sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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