Avaya G250 DCP I/F Media Gateway (700360654)


Extending converged, intelligent Business Communications
Applications to the small branch office.

Avaya G250 DCP Overview

The Avaya G250 Media Gateway is a powerful branch communication solution that packs an IP telephony gateway, an advanced IP WAN router, and a high-performance LAN switch into a compact, 2U high 19” rack mount unit. The G250 Gateway is a new member of the Avaya branch gateway product line that extends the Avaya Business Communications Applications from a headquarters location to a branch. It is ideally suited for enterprises with multiple branch locations needing from 2 to 12 extensions.

The system gains its functionality from a centralized Avaya Media Server running Avaya Communication Manager, and includes several survivability options for increased reliability and confidence. Alternatively, where a stand-alone branch solution is desired, the G250 Gateway can operate as a stand alone system with Avaya Communication Manager running on an internally installed media server. As part of the Avaya Media Gateway family, the G250 can be installed in very small branch locations, while the Avaya G350 and G700 Media Gateways serve small and medium sized branches, delivering commonality across the entire enterprise.

A Complete Branch Office Solution

The G250 Gateway is designed to meet the increased communication needs of branch offices by connecting everyone in an organization regardless of where they work. All users in an enterprise can now have access to a full set of enterprise communication applications. No longer do branch employees have to settle for a separate, often isolated communication system that requires them to remember different dialing codes to reach other employees. Additionally, with a single set of centralized applications, management is significantly simpler than managing multiple systems serving each branch location.

High Availability

With several powerful survivability options, the G250 Media Gateway can be installed with confidence that communications will continue to work even if the connection back into the main system is lost. The G250 survivability features include:

  • Standard Local Survivability: Embedded capability provides operations if connection into the centralized
  • Modem Dial Back-up: Allows the gateway to reconnect to the centralized Avaya Media Server over a modem if the main connection is lost.
  • Enhanced Local Survivability: An Avaya S8300 Media Server can be installed in the G250 Gateway to operate as a Local Survivable Processor delivering 100% of the Avaya Communication Manager features.
  • Connection Preserving Migration: Keeps calls connected if the gateway loses connection and is migrating to a backup connection or an alternative media server.


Single box solution

The Avaya G250 also functions as an edge router to
support the consolidation of voice and data traffic over
an IP network. Optional IP WAN routing media modules
add support for PPP/Frame Relay connectivity over E1/
T1 or Universal Serial Port (USP) interfaces. The G250
media gateway
can also connect to an external WAN
device via a fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router port,
which supports traffic shaping to match data transfer
rates with available WAN bandwidth.

End-to-end security

The G250 Gatewaycomplies with the Avaya end-toend
security architecture, delivering advanced security
features such as AES encryption and integrated VPN.
The G250 Gateways are also available in FIPS 140-2
certified versions meeting the U.S. Government’s most
demanding security requirements. Because the gateway
is typically installed as part of an enterprise-wide Avaya
Communication Manager solution, system and security
management is enhanced providing a lower total cost
branch solution.

Avaya_G250 DCP

Avaya DCP Digital Telephones

The G250-DCP and the DCP media modules supported by the G350 support the following DCP telephones:

Note: The G250 does not support DCP media modules, although the G250-DCP
includes DCP ports on its chassis.

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