ACCX (AYC22) Digital Networking Card


ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card

ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card
Features Overview

The following provides a brief introduction of the ACCX AYC22 Digital Networking Card.

The Lucent Intuity Release 5 system allows combinations of DCP and RS-232 in two-channel increments through the ACCX circuit card. Each ACCX circuit card terminates four data channels in one of the following combinations:

  • Two DCP ports, each providing two Interface channels (I-channels) for data. Depending on the version of the switch the customer has, only one of the two Ichannels of each DCP port may be used as shown in the following list:
    • — System 75 R1V3, DEFINITY G1 R1V4, and DEFINITY G3i, G3s, or G3vs Version 1 only support one I-channel per DCP port
    • — DEFINITY G3i, G3s, and G3vs Version 2 can use both of the I-channels. The option must be purchased, installed, and administered on the switch before Lucent Intuity Release 5 system administration is performed. Lucent account representatives have more information on the I-channel option for the Intuity AUDIX Digital Networking feature package.
  • Four RS-232 ports
  • One DCP port (two I-channels) and two RS-232 ports
  • When using TCP/IP, an ACCX card can take the place for up to 4 TCP/IP channels, through the Ethernet LAN card. If no ACCX card is used, then all 12 networking channels can be configured as TCP/IP.

The Comtalk Sales works with the customer to help determine the best configuration.

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