Avaya Partner Contact Closure Adjunct (107881435)

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Unlock Office Doors And More Remotely With The PARTNER ACS Contact Closure Adjunct. Busy offices mean busy people. Not everyone has time to leave their workstation to open an office door a garage or even turn on lights. The PARTNER ACS Contact Closure Adjunct does all this for you and more.

  • Provides Interface between Contact Closure Jack on ACS and External Devices
  • Can operate electronic door strike or alert
  • Provides connection to devices up to 800 ft from Control Unit
  • Operates 2 Contact Closure Devices
  • Compatible with Partner ACS Release 3.0 or greater

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  PARTNER ACS Contact Closure Adjunct.

Avaya PDF Avaya Partner Contact Closure Adjunct Installation Instructions.pdf

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