Avaya Definity 6408D+ Digital Telephone


6408D+ Digital Telephone (Gray)

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Description of the 6408D+ Digital Telephone (Gray)


The Features Description for the 6408D+ is it is capable of 2 lines-24 character total LCD Display, it has 8 programmable call appearance/feature buttons. It has Navigation Keys for a Menu, Next, Previous and Exit.

In addition a Fixed Feature Buttons that include Conference,Transfer, Hold, Speaker, Mute and Redial.
A Built-in 2-way speakerphone. With 8 personal ring options.
Four soft keys for menu functions, Also included, 12 soft key default features with access to 18 alternative soft key features.

The 6408D+ Telephone is compatible with Definity R6.1 or higher and Avaya IP Office.

It requires an available station port on a TN2181, TN2224/B/CP, IP403/406, IP400 Digital Station 16, or IP400 Digital Station 30.

Included is our rock solid 1 year warranty.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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Avaya Intuity


AVAYA INTUITY  Release 4.0 available at Comtalk Inc. 

We are industry experts in Avaya Intuity Systems, and Parts, which include Avaya Intuity Audix LX, Lucent/Avaya Intuity Audix MAP5P, MAP40P and MAP100P. Comtalk Inc. carries a wide range of Avaya Intuity Parts: Adapters, Controller Circuit cards, Interface cards, LAN cards, Maintenance boards, Speech and Signal Processors, Voice Port cards and others.

AVAYA INTUITY Audix and Definity Audix voicemail systems, service and fee-based technical support. are available upon request. Whether you are looking for a MAP5 , MAP40 or Map 100 or any other system we have it for you.  AVAYA INTUITY  Release 4.0
and more AVAYA Refurbished – Avaya Refurb products

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With the high-quality voice messaging system AVAYA INTUITY AUDIX system Release 4.0, customers don’t have to answers telephones, and they can exchange messages at times when it is unnecessary or inconvenient to talk in person. The AVAYA INTUITY AUDIX system saves valuable office space and simplifies system administration by residing inside the customer’s switch and sharing a single administration terminal. These features, as well as new enhancements for reliability, make the AVAYA INTUITY AUDIX
system Release 4.0 a desirable voice messaging solution for customers worldwide.

Feature Overview

The AVAYA INTUITY  AUDIX system offers many features for customer
organizations, individual subscribers, and AVAYA INTUITY  AUDIX  system administrators to help streamline information exchange among employees.
Features for the Customer Organization
Here are a few of the things the AVAYA INTUITY  AUDIX  system can do to help improve voice messaging efficiency in customer organizations:
■ Support up to 2000 local subscribers and 100,000 remote
■ Store up to 100 hours of voice messages
■ Exchange messages with other voice messaging systems via
Digital Networking and Audio Messaging Interchange
Specification (AMIS) Analog Networking
■ Post greetings and instructions in up to 9 languages from 30
available announcement sets, including a set for teletypewriters
■ Answer calls with different messages according to the time of day and holidays
■ Broadcast messages to large groups of subscribers simultaneously
■ Record messages with the highest voice quality available for digital voice messaging1
■ Deter toll fraud with the Call Transfer Restriction features and Administration Password Aging
■ Allow customers to track and bill subscribers’ calls with the  Administration and Data Acquisition Package (ADAP)

Avaya Intuity PDF
Intuity Audix Administration Guide.pdf

Avaya IntuityPDF
Intuity Audix_R4 6,12&18 Port(Map5P).pdf

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