Avaya IP Office 500


Avaya IP Office 500

Scalability and Networking

  • IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER Version R7 can grow to 72 lines and 100 users
  • IP Office Essential Edition, Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition support up to 384 users per system
  • Up to 1000 users over 32 sites can be cost-effectively networked together over IP


  • Highly reliable but no resiliency offers in single-site scenarios
  • Solid state components with no moving parts reduces points of failure and increases resiliency
  • In multisite environments, software based IP phone, application and voice mail resiliency is available with IP Office Preferred and Advanced Editions

User Applications

  • 128-party Meet-me conference bridge with a maximum of 64-parties per call standard with IP Office
    500v2 Preferred and Advanced Editions; Essential Edition supports one 64-party conference without the
    Meet-me feature
  • Remote working available with IP Office via Hot desking, Avaya one-X Mobile™, Mobile Twinning,
    Telecommuter mode and VPN phones (not available on Essential Edition – PARTNER Version)
  • Web-based call control software allow you to use your PC screen to place and answer calls, log incoming, outgoing and missed calls and provide instant messaging tools and presence status among users; available with Office Worker, Teleworker and Power User Solutions
  • Point-to-point video calling standard with Teleworker and Power User solutions enhances collaboration and communication
  • IP Office 500 and IP Office 500v2 Preferred and Advanced Editions support up to 40 voice mail ports
  • Support for 4-party video conferencing

Endpoints and Device Integration

  • Stylish 1600 and 9600 series set support
  • Built-in VPN clients standard with 9600 series phones

Installation and Management

  • Thin-client application deployment makes installation easy and access even easier
  • IP Office Manager is further simplified to save time and future –proof the system; now supports multi-site management as a standard capability

The Avaya IP Office 500 sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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Avaya-IP-Office-400-500-Basic-Installation-Manual.pdfAvaya IP Office 400 500 Basic Installation Manual.pdf
Avaya-IP-Office-500-V2-Deployment-Guide.pdfAvaya IP Office 500 V2 Deployment Guide.pdf

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Avaya IP Office 400


Avaya IP Office 400

Avaya IP Office 400 Features

Scalability and Networking

  • Small Office Edition – up to 28 users
  • IP Office 403 – up to 100 users
  • IP Office 406 – up to 190 users
  • IP Office 412 – up to 360 users
  • IP Office 500v1 – up to 272 users
  • IP Office 406v2, IP Office 412 and IP Office 500v1 can support up to 500 users in 16 sites networked together over IP


  • Highly reliable but no resiliency offers in single or multi-site scenarios
  • Solid state components with no moving parts reduces points of failure and increases resiliency

User Applications

  • IP Office 412 supports 128-party Meet-me conference bridge with a maximum of 64-parties per call standard; IP Office 403, and IP Office 406v2 support one, 64-party Meet-me conference bridge; Small Office Editions supports one 6-party Meet-me conference bridge
  • IP Office 406v2 and IP Office 412 can support IP Office R6.0 software; Small Office Edition, IP Office 403 and IP Office 406v1 cannot. Systems with R6.0 software can support User Solutions, but cannot support Essential Edition – PARTNER
  • IP Office 406v2 and IP Office 412 that do not upgrade to R6.0 software cannot support all available User Solutions
  • Mobile Call Control and Avaya one-X Mobile for IP Office not supported on IP Office 400 systems
  • IP Office 406v2 supports 20 voice mail ports; IP Office 412 supports 30 voice mail ports
  • No support for multi-party video conferencing

Endpoints and Device Integration

  • No support for 1600 or 9600 series sets

Installation and Management

  • Thick-client applications deployment is more time consuming and harder to access remotely
  • IP Office Manager is easy to use for system administration

The Avaya IP Office 400 sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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     Avaya-IP-Office-400-Installation-Manual.pdfAvaya IP Office 400 Installation Manual.pdf

Avaya-IP-Office-400-500-Basic-Installation-Manual.pdfAvaya IP Office 400 500 Basic Installation Manual.pdf

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Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM (2 or 4 Port) (7107-302)


Avaya Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM (2-Port) (7107-302)


  • 2-ports to receive or play back 2 simultaneous messages.
  • Up to 21 hours of message storage for the capacity you need.
  • Up to 100 mailboxes for all your employees.
  • Modular circuit pack slides right into your Merlin Legend control unit; no need for extra wall space, extra power supply or extra surge protector
  • Three Automated Attendants enable different coverage for different departments
  • Separate day, night, and holiday schedules for each Automated Attendant
  • Cascaded out calling can call an employee’s home phone, cellular phone and pager to announce new messages
  • Personal operator transfers callers from your mailbox to a co-worker
  • Bulletin Board gives callers routine messages such as hours of operation, driving directions or snow day advisories
  • Message Waiting light activated for new messages only
  • Toll fraud security automatically locks a mailbox when outsiders attack
  • Compatible with all domestic and international releases of the Merlin Legend
  • Communications System
  • Merlin Legend System Rel3.0 or higher must have a 391A3 or newer power supply module
  • With upgrade module you can expand to 4 or 6 ports

The Avaya Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM (2-Port) (7107-302) sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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Avaya_Merlin_Mail_Voice_Messaging_System_R2.pdfAvaya Merlin Mail Voice Messaging System R2.pdf
Avaya_Merlin_Legend_Mail_VMS_Installation_and_Upgrade.pdfAvaya Merlin Legend Mail VMS Installation and Upgrade.pdf

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Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599, 700381585


Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599, 700381585


The Avaya 2420 Telephone brings flexibility and localized capabilities to the digital telephone, while delivering access to the full complement of Avaya Communication Manager features. Its streamlined design is geared for the advanced enterprise telephone user. Complementing the Avaya 2400 Telephone line with the use of a large display, the user interface is designed to improve productivity and service ability.


The 2400 series telephones bring Avaya state-of-the-art technology directly to your desktop, delivering efficient service and superior voice quality, along with cutting-edge communications features. Label-less call appearance/feature keys simplify administration. Local call log and speed dial directory enhance productivity.

  • High-end feature set with access to all the productivity capabilities available in Avaya Communication Manager software (over 700 features)
  • Advanced, easy-to-use interface
  • Reduced installation and move costs with paperless labels
  • Ready for multinational deployments with global design

Key Features

  • Large screen — 7 line x 29 character display
  • 14 fixed feature buttons
  • 24 label-less call appearances/feature buttons — displayed 8 appearances at a time
  • Large message waiting indicator
  • Full-duplex speakerphone optimized for the typical business office environment
  • Local directory with 104 entries — including speed dial numbers with up to 24 characters.
  • Local call log with 100 entries for missed, incoming answered, and outgoing calls including call durations, hunt group calls and transferred calls
  • 8 personalized ring patterns
  • Downloadable firmware upgrades
  • 4 softkeys
  • One headset jack
  • One Expansion Module jack — supporting EU24 24 button expansion module
  • Available connector for 20A stand to support 200A Tip/Ring and 201A Recorder Interface Modules
  • Global Industrial Design with ICON labeled buttons
  • 8 user-selectable languages for softkeys and display messages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese (Katakana)
  • Desk and wall mountable
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Adjustable desk stand

The Avaya 2420 Digital Deskphone sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

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Avaya-2420-Quick-Reference-Guide.pdfAvaya 2420 Quick Reference Guide.pdf

Avaya-2420-Digital-Telephone-Fact-Sheet.pdfAvaya 2420 Digital Telephone Fact Sheet.pdf

Avaya PDFAvaya Definity 2420 User Guide.pdf

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Avaya S8800 Server (700501083)

Avaya S8800 Server (700501083)

Avaya S8800 Server (700501083)

Dell R610 Server

Inspired by customer feedback, the Dell PowerEdge R610 server is engineered to simplify data center operations, improve energy efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership.

The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R610 offers simplified management, purposeful design, and energy efficiency
combined in a rack server that can help you better manage your enterprise.

Strong IT Foundation

The Dell PowerEdge R610 is a key building block for today’s data center. Designed for versatility and high performance, it provides many of the virtualization, system management, and energyefficiency features you need now and the scalability necessary to change as your business grows. This general purpose Intel® processor-based 2-socket 1U server is ideal for corporate data centers and remote sites that require a dense, highly available single- or dual-processor server at an excellent value.

Purposeful Design

The PowerEdge R610 follows the 11th generation PowerEdge portfolio specifications and features the same system design commonality and reliability true to the entire portfolio. All 11th generation servers are designed to make the experience easier. We put all external ports, power supplies, LCD screens, and LED lights in the same location for familiar experience as well as easy installation and deployment.

Robust, metal hard drive carriers and organized cabling are designed to help improve component access and airflow across the server. The PowerEdge R610 provides an interactive LCD screen or LED display positioned on the front of the server for ease of monitoring and troubleshooting condition of the server.

Enhanced Virtualization

Featuring Intel Xeon processor-based architecture, embedded hypervisors, and expanded memory footprint and I/O, the Dell PowerEdge R610 delivers exceptional overall system performance
and significant virtual machine-per-server capacity versus the previous generation. With optional factory-integrated virtualization capabilities, you get tailored solutions—built with the latest technologies from Dell and our trusted partners—which allow you to streamline deployment and simplify virtual infrastructures. Choose your hypervisor from market leaders such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, and enable virtualization with a few mouse clicks.

Energy-Optimized Technologies

Dell’s advanced thermal control helps optimize performance while minimizing system power consumption, ultimately driving energy efficiency across our latest core data center servers.
These enhancements, over previous generations, include efficient power supply units right-sized for system requirements, improved system-level design efficiency, policy-driven power and thermal management, and highly efficient standards-based Energy Smart components. Dell’s advanced thermal control is designed to deliver optimal performance at minimum system and fan power consumption resulting in our quietest mainstream 1U servers to date.

Simplified Systems Management

With the optional advanced embedded systems management capabilities of Lifecycle Controller, Dell provides comprehensive enterprise class manageability already on the motherboard. Lifecycle Controller is delivered as part of the optional iDRAC Express or iDRAC Enterprise in the PowerEdge R610. The Lifecycle Controller helps to simplify administrator tasks by performing a comprehensive set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator (USC) in a pre-OS environment. This helps eliminate the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD

Also part of the Dell OpenManage portfolio is the Dell Management Console which is included with every Dell server and provides IT administrators with a consolidated console view of their IT infrastructure.

Dell Services

Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs, and
eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work
harder for you. The Dell Services team takes a holistic view of your
needs and designs solutions for your environment and business
objectives while leveraging proven delivery methods, local talent,
and in-depth domain knowledge for the lowest TCO.

Avaya S8800 Server (700501102)

Avaya S8800 Server (700501102)

Avaya S8800 Server (700501102)

HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server

Get superior performance in a compact footprint.

If space is a premium consideration, quality is a priority, and consolidation is the need, then look no further—the HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server is designed to work well in limited spaces and delivers superior performance with improved consolidation over previous-generation servers.

Why choose the DL360 G7 server?

    Your business environment will determine your server choice. It is recommended that you consider what you need in order to:

  • Make the best use of your constrained space
  • Meet the demands of your scale-out applications
  • Realize your virtualization roadmap
  • Enable efficient remote manageability
  • Get tangible return on investments (ROI)
  • The DL360 G7 server can help you achieve all these goals, at a great price—making it the right choice for organizations looking to make the most of their investment.

Avaya S8800 Server (700501102) Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced server performance for
space-constrained environments

  • Latest six-core and quad-core Intel Xeon 5600 or 5500 series processors automatically regulate power consumption and intelligently adjust server performance according to your application needs.
    These processors make the DL360 G7 server ideal for demanding scale-out applications and virtualization.
  • Up to 192 GB of DDR3 memory (800 MHz to 1333 MHz, depending on processor) with enhanced memory capacity meets the requirements of your memory-intensive applications.
  • Concentrated 1U compute power is ideal for space-conscious customers.

Improved server lifecycle management

  • HP Insight Control is essential server management software that helps deploy servers quickly,
    proactively manage the health of virtual or physical servers, streamline power consumption, and take remote control from anywhere.
  • iLO 3, part of Insight Control, is a standard component of the HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server, facilitating server health and remote server manageability. Because it includes an intelligent microprocessor, secure memory, and a dedicated network interface, iLO 3 is independent of the host server and its operating system.
  • Together, HP SmartStart, HP Insight Control, Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), and ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) simplify server configuration and deployment.
  • Insight Control helps you manage HP servers running Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, VMware, and Citrix XenServer environments. In addition, you can integrate Insight Control with leading third-party enterprise management consoles, such as Microsoft System Center and VMware vCenterTM Server.
  • System Insight Display is a robust slide-out system diagnostics display that makes it easy to find troubleshooting information at the front of the server, helping to save administrator time.

HP Thermal Logic Technology driving new levels of energy efficiency

  • The HP Sea of Sensors technology enhances server performance while reducing energy usage
    and expense. Achieve significant reduction in power usage at the server level with the HP Sea of Sensors, the heart of HP Thermal Logic technologies. Up to 32 smart sensors automatically track thermal activity across the server, dynamically adjusting system components such as fans, memory, and I/O processing to enhance system cooling. In other words, the HP Sea of Sensors makes intelligent decisions about how much cooling is needed for the server to perform efficiently.
  • Dynamic Power Capping can improve capacity by almost three times. Insight Control and Dynamic Power Capping together allow you to monitor power usage levels and protect circuit breakers in the rack without impacting performance.
  • HP Common Slot Power Supply is a bay design that provides you with commonality in power supplies across multiple platforms—saving on the cost of spares and offering power solutions that match your needs. Common Slot designates commonality of power supply across multiple servers. Many HP ProLiant servers come with Common Slot, which means high-efficiency and right-size power supplies. The new Common Slot power supplies are designed to provide power efficiency without compromising on
    performance. These power supplies can have efficiency ratings up to 92%.2 You can choose from multiple right-sized power options available, depending on the configuration of your server.

The Avaya S8800 Server (700501102) sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya S8800 Server (700501102).

Avaya-Maintaining-and-Troubleshooting-HPProLiantDL360G7-Server.pdfAvaya Maintaining and Troubleshooting HP ProLiant DL 360 G7 Server.pdf

Avaya_Servers_and_Avaya_Gateways.pdf Avaya Servers and Avaya Gateways

Avaya-HP-ProLiant-DL360-G7-Server-User-Guide.pdfAvaya HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server User Guide.pdf

Avaya-S8800-Server-HP-DL360-G7-Data-Sheet.pdfAvaya S8800 Server HP DL360 G7 Data Sheet.pdf

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Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30


Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30 (700426216)

The Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30 external expansion module is supported by IP Office Release 9.1. Each module uses an external power supply unit and power cord for the PSU must be ordered separately.

The external module can be stacked on top of the control unit. They can also be wall or rack mounted using one of the IP Office mounting kits .

  • Systems running in IP Office Basic Edition modes support up to 8 external expansion modules so long as the system extensions limit is not exceeded.
  • Systems running in IP Office standard modes support 8 external expansion modules or 12 if the control unit is fitted with an IP500 4-Port Expansion Base Card.

IP500 Digital Station Module
Provides, depending on variant, an additional 16 or 30 RJ45 DS ports for supported Avaya DS digital phones

Supported Phones

IP Telephones

9600 series

    All phones offers high-quality audio and support VPN software for remote working.

  • 9620 L /C: 12 lines, backlit display, 4 soft keys, 3 programmable multifunctional keys with LEDs, Energy saving PoE Class 1Built-in speakerphone integrated loud speaker and call log up to 100 calls
  • 9630 G, 9640: 320×240 pixel large display, 4 soft keys, 6 programmable multifunctional keys with LEDs, both support of mobility applications, 9640 offers colour display. Both
    phones support up to 3 SBM 24.
  • 9650 / 9650 C: The 9650C is for receptionists and contact centre agents—anyone who manages large call volumes—and delivers advanced capabilities like built-in button functions for one-touch access bridges and feature keys. Up to 3 SBM 24 are supported and 9650C has a 3,1 x 2,3 Inch VGA
    colour display.

1600 series

  • 1603: Backlit display, 2 rows of 16 characters, 3 programmable feature keys with red/green LEDs that give the user easy to read status information.
  • 1603 SW: As 1603, but also has a second 10/100 Ethernet port and an integrated switch.
  • 1608: 8 programmable feature keys with red/green LEDs, integrated headset interface, 3 rows of 24 characters.
  • 1616: 16 programmable feature keys, BM32 port, integrated headset interface, 3 rows of 24 characters.

Digital Telephones

9500 series

  • 9504/8: Backlit graphical display, 4/8 programmable call appearance or feature keys with red/green LEDs usable in three states, headset socket and hands-free features. Model 9508 supports the BM12 expansion module.

1400 series

The Avaya 1400 range of phones is aimed at companies that want a simple, inexpensive communications solution for their digital network. Backlit displays, programmable keys with dual-state LEDs (red & green) for easy to read status information. Model 1416 supports the DBM32 expansion module.

The Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30 (700426216) sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30 (700426216).

     Avaya-IP-Office-400-500-Basic-Installation-Manual.pdfAvaya IP Office 400 500 Basic Installation Manual.pdf

Avaya-IP-Office-500-V2-Deployment-Guide.pdf Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Deployment Guide.pdf

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TransTalk 9040 Digital Wireless Handset (3204-09B)


TransTalk 9040 Wireless Handset — Standard Business Features

Delivering all the functionality of a regular, wired desk phone, the TransTalk 9040 wireless handset provides a full set of call appearance/feature buttons, delivering one-touch access to conference, redial, hold, mute, transfer and other standard business features. The backlit display is easy to read in the dimly lit reaches of a warehouse, or wherever lighting is not particularly favorable, and is also visible when the phone is sitting upright in the battery charger, increasing its usefulness even when users are at their desk.

A built-in vibrator lets you detect ringing if you’re in
a meeting, or some other situation where actual ringing would be bothersome. Weighing in at just eight
ounces, its lightweight enough to take anywhere, and
comes with it own belt clip and wrist strap.

  • Standard battery life gives you 3 hours of talk time, and 22 hours of standby. You can also buy an extended use battery for 8 hours of talk and 72 hours of standby.
  • A Fast Battery Charger will charge two batteries at once and recondition them at the same time.
  • Battery backup will give you nearly unlimited talk time if you use 2 batteries with the standard battery charger.

The TransTalk 9040 wireless handset works up to 900 feet away from the Radio Module. The system can be divided into two zones with approximately 1 million square feet of coverage—it works with a manual handoff as you move from zone to zone.

Compatibility and Simple Setup

With the TransTalk 9040, Avaya has simplified set-up and administration of the wireless system. Each base station now supports up to two TransTalk 9040 wireless handsets (it’s easy to add the second one at any time) and no longer requires a carrier assembly or separate local AC power supply. And TransTalk 9040 wireless handsets support ATL, ETR, TDL and DCP station connectivity, simplifying connections and
lowering costs.

  • Sales people. Do your sales people have to be out on
    a selling floor? Leads, referrals, prospects, and active
    customers can still reach them if they are carrying a
    TransTalk wireless handset. They can check messages,
    return important calls, and serve the customers who are
    so important to your business.
  • Support staff. Keeping a small business lean andsharp means that support staffers are constantly on the move: checking details, solving problems small and large, getting information from colleagues in other areas, pushing to get things done. With the TransTalk® solution, they don’t have to leave everything else behind when a task that takes them to another part of the business comes up.
  • Managers/supervisors. Managers and supervisors constantly move around, coaching, solving problems and offering their support. They can be more effective if they’re not out of reach when they’re away from their desks.
  • Experts. People with specialized skills—doctors, IT professionals, designers, engineers—need to be where the action is. And that’s not necessarily at their desks.
  • Security. Security personnel need to be canvassing the business premises—and they especially need to be in touch. They need the ability to summon help if it’s required and to report in. With TransTalk 9040, they’ll be able to do just that.
  • >Manufacturing. Your employees will be more effective if they’re available. Problems get solved faster. Changes can be made in an organized way. Critical information can be exchanged in real time.
  • Warehouse. Employees who work in your warehouse can choose an optional headset and fill and expedite orders, answer questions and keep the goods and information flowing—all with their hands free.
  • Peak days/seasons. Does your business experience temporary expansion on special days or even seasonally? The TransTalk 9040 can help you maintain the flow of communication without the expense of having to hard-wire new phones.

The TransTalk 9040 Wireless Handset sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Transtalk 9040 Digital Wireless Handset.

Avaya PDF Avaya Partner Trans Talk 9040 Install and User Manual.pdf

Avaya PDFAvaya TransTalk 9040 Quick Reference.pdf

Transtalk-9040-Digital-Wireless-Handset.pdfAvaya Transtalk 9040 Digital Wireless Handset.pdf

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Avaya G250 DCP I/F Media Gateway (700360654)


Extending converged, intelligent Business Communications
Applications to the small branch office.

Avaya G250 DCP Overview

The Avaya G250 Media Gateway is a powerful branch communication solution that packs an IP telephony gateway, an advanced IP WAN router, and a high-performance LAN switch into a compact, 2U high 19” rack mount unit. The G250 Gateway is a new member of the Avaya branch gateway product line that extends the Avaya Business Communications Applications from a headquarters location to a branch. It is ideally suited for enterprises with multiple branch locations needing from 2 to 12 extensions.

The system gains its functionality from a centralized Avaya Media Server running Avaya Communication Manager, and includes several survivability options for increased reliability and confidence. Alternatively, where a stand-alone branch solution is desired, the G250 Gateway can operate as a stand alone system with Avaya Communication Manager running on an internally installed media server. As part of the Avaya Media Gateway family, the G250 can be installed in very small branch locations, while the Avaya G350 and G700 Media Gateways serve small and medium sized branches, delivering commonality across the entire enterprise.

A Complete Branch Office Solution

The G250 Gateway is designed to meet the increased communication needs of branch offices by connecting everyone in an organization regardless of where they work. All users in an enterprise can now have access to a full set of enterprise communication applications. No longer do branch employees have to settle for a separate, often isolated communication system that requires them to remember different dialing codes to reach other employees. Additionally, with a single set of centralized applications, management is significantly simpler than managing multiple systems serving each branch location.

High Availability

With several powerful survivability options, the G250 Media Gateway can be installed with confidence that communications will continue to work even if the connection back into the main system is lost. The G250 survivability features include:

  • Standard Local Survivability: Embedded capability provides operations if connection into the centralized
  • Modem Dial Back-up: Allows the gateway to reconnect to the centralized Avaya Media Server over a modem if the main connection is lost.
  • Enhanced Local Survivability: An Avaya S8300 Media Server can be installed in the G250 Gateway to operate as a Local Survivable Processor delivering 100% of the Avaya Communication Manager features.
  • Connection Preserving Migration: Keeps calls connected if the gateway loses connection and is migrating to a backup connection or an alternative media server.


Single box solution

The Avaya G250 also functions as an edge router to
support the consolidation of voice and data traffic over
an IP network. Optional IP WAN routing media modules
add support for PPP/Frame Relay connectivity over E1/
T1 or Universal Serial Port (USP) interfaces. The G250
media gateway
can also connect to an external WAN
device via a fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router port,
which supports traffic shaping to match data transfer
rates with available WAN bandwidth.

End-to-end security

The G250 Gatewaycomplies with the Avaya end-toend
security architecture, delivering advanced security
features such as AES encryption and integrated VPN.
The G250 Gateways are also available in FIPS 140-2
certified versions meeting the U.S. Government’s most
demanding security requirements. Because the gateway
is typically installed as part of an enterprise-wide Avaya
Communication Manager solution, system and security
management is enhanced providing a lower total cost
branch solution.

Avaya_G250 DCP

Avaya DCP Digital Telephones

The G250-DCP and the DCP media modules supported by the G350 support the following DCP telephones:

Note: The G250 does not support DCP media modules, although the G250-DCP
includes DCP ports on its chassis.

This Item sells in Refurbished Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya G250 Media Gateway.

Avaya_G250_Media_Gateway_Overview.pdfAvaya G250 Media Gateway Overview.pdf

Avaya G250 Media GatewayAvaya G250 Media Gateway.pdf

Avaya PDF Avaya Overview 250 350 Media Gateways Modules.pdf

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Avaya 9611G IP Telephone Global (700504845)


Avaya 9611G IP Deskphone


The 9611G IP deskphone is an 8-line phone ideally suited for users that consider their phone to be one of many useful communication tools, and rely on common functions like directory and speed dial to enhance productivity and communications.

Provide everyday users with enriched communications capabilities

Enabling customers to transition easily to the best of IP phone technology, the 9611G IP Deskphone delivers intelligent communications with a traditional look and feel, graphical color display, high definition audio quality with full duplex speaker, and a wideband handset and headset.

Competitively priced and high-performing, it supports a USB interface, integrated Gigabit Ethernet, a secondary Ethernet port, and up to three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules. Part of the 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9611G leverages your enterprise IP Network to deliver sophisticated communications from headquarters or remote locations. Integrated with the Avaya Aura® and IP Office™ Platforms, the 9611G’s evolutionary approach optimizes communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers high-definition audio that can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier-to understand multi-party calls using the wide band audio codec in the handset and headset
  • Facilitates access to information through an easy-to-read, high resolution color display and a permanently labeled Navigation Cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)
  • Delivers visual queues that can speed task management through 8 Red/Green LED buttons
  • Helps increase productivity through context-sensitive graphical interfaces
  • Simplifies call control on the display using softkeys to transfer, conference and forward calls and to access everyday processes including third party applications such as company wide corporate directories
  • Provides consistency through a common Avaya one-X® interface (including mobile endpoints)
  • Wired/wireless headset compatible
  • Enables efficient, high-speed call management through support for up to three 12 or 24 Button Expansion Modules
  • Supports reduced energy consumption and costs through Power-over-Ethernet Class 1 design with “sleep mode”
  • Provides choice through integrated Gigabit Ethernet and USB interface support
  • Accommodates advanced unified communications solutions with Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based infrastructure


The Avaya 9611G Digital Deskphone sells in Unopened Condition and as always it will be delivered in A++ condition.

For more information visit our Library  for  Avaya 9611G IP Telephones.

Avaya_9611G_IP_Deskphone_Brochure.pdfAvaya 9611G IP_Deskphone Brochure.pdf

Avaya_9611G_IP_Telephone_Guide.pdfAvaya 9611G IP Telephone Guide.pdf

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