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Avaya S8510 Server


The Avaya S8510 Server is a replacement for the S8500C Server. It uses the Linux operating system and supports several Avaya software applications. It is generally used in single server mode, but in some circumstances can be duplexed. The Avaya S8510 server is targeted for the mid-sized customer.

  • Functionally, the S8510 is extensively tailored around the S8500C Server. The major architectural and functional differences between the S8510 and the S8500C are:
  • The S8510 hardware platform is a Dell multi-core CPU platform.
  • The S8510 does not support the RAMDISK feature but instead supports the hardware version of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Level 1 industry standard feature with Dual Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

The S8510 server comes equipped with the Augmentix A+SAMPTM card for remote maintenance and serviceability of the server, and the Dual NIc card. Like the S8500C server system, the S8510 system comes equipped with one (1) modem off of the A+SAMPTM USB port that will be shared between the HOST server and the A+SAMPTM card for remote maintenance,administration, and alarming purposes.

The S8510 server hardware system comes equipped with the hardware version of the RAID Level 1 feature. This feature employs the disk mirroring method which creates a set of data on two or more disks. A general RAID 1 mirrored pair contains two disks which increases the reliability of the system. Each of the disks is independent of each other and contains a complete copy of the data.

The default S8510 server configuration has a single Power Supply. However, the S8510 server supports the redundant Power Supply configuration, and a customer can choose to order an extra Power Supply.


  • Form Factor-Simplex Server Rack Mountable
  • Operating System-Linux
  • Processor-Intel Xeon Quad Core, 250GB SATA HDD with RAID 1, 4 GB RAM, Removable compact flash card backup
  • Number of Stations- Up to 2,400 IP, digital, analog
  • Trunks-Up to 800
  • Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC)-Up to 100,000
  • Networking- 250 gateways (G650, G700, G450, G430, G350, IG550 & G250)
  • Hot Swappable-Yes – RAID HDD
  • Duplication (Shadowing)-No
  • Survivability-Yes
  • Redundancy-No
  • ESS-Yes
  • LSP-Yes

Power Requirements

  • 110VAC/200-240VAC(47/63 Hz)


  • G650
  • G700
  • G450
  • G430
  • G350
  • G250
  • IG550






Avaya-Installing-the-S8510-Server-Family.pdfAvaya Installing the S8510 Server Family.pdf
Avaya-Aura-CS-Hardware-Description.pdf Avaya Aura CS Hardware Description.pdf