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Various IP Office features and applications require entry of a license key into the system's configuration. The license sequence is based on the feature being activated and the serial number of a Feature Key dongle installed somewhere with the IP Office system. There are three types of Feature Key dongles available: Serial, Parallel, and USB.

  • Attaches to the parallel port on a PC running the IP
  • Office Feature Key server application
  • Allows license keys to be activated via the Feature Key server application


  • The Parallel Port Feature Key dongle is compatible with all IP Office control units
  • Must be plugged into the parallel port of a PC running the Feature Key Server application
  • The PC must be on the same LAN segment as the IP Office control unit






     Avaya-IP-Office-400-Installation-Manual.pdf Avaya IP Office 400 Installation Manual.pdf
     Avaya-IP-Office-400-500-Basic-Installation-Manual.pdf Avaya IP Office 400 500 Basic Installation Manual.pdf