• [TN796B]


  • The TN796B Processor circuit pack manages the system and executes stored programs to perform call processing and maintenance
  • The TN796B contains a 16 MHz 386SX Intel central processing unit
  • 7 Mbytes of flash read-only mem- ory for the system program
  • 4 Mbytes of random access memory for customer translations
  • an 80188 MTP
  • The MTP contains field upgradable 32 Kbytes of random access memory
  • 64 Kbytes of flash read-only memory
  • a 1200/2400 bps modem
  • three serial ports
  • and the emergency transfer and power manage- ment functions
  • The TN796B is identical in function to the TN786B Processor circuit pack except the CPP1 Memory circuit pack is not used.






Avaya-Lucent-Definity-Guestworks-Server-3.0-Features.pdfAvaya Lucent Definity Guestworks Server 3.0 Features.pdf