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  • Designed for use with Definity.
  • Personalized Ringing - Allows you to select one of two different ringing patterns.
  • Ringer Volume Control - 3-position switch to control the volume for the tone ringer.
  • Pause Button - For inserting a 1.5 second pause delay into a telephone number stored on a programmable dialing button.
  • Speakerphone - For accessing the built-in speakerphone and microphone combination.
  • Message Light - Red flashing light for message waiting.
  • Hold Button - For putting call on hold (activates LED).
  • Redial Button - For redialing the last number you dialed from the dial pad or from programmable dialing button.
  • Flash Key - For using features such as conference.
  • Handset & Speakerphone Volume Control - Used for raising or lowering the volume of the handset or speakerphone when in use.
  • Mute Button - For turning off the microphone associated with the handset or built-in speakerphone.
  • Data Jack - For connecting a device such as a modem to your telephone.
  • Program Button - For storing telephone numbers on the programmable dialing buttons






Avaya PDF Avaya 6200 Series Analog Telephones.pdf
Avaya PDF Avaya 6219 Quick Reference.pdf