Avaya's ® Merlin Magix PBX phone system, 700253461, is an economical, highly reliable voice communications system. Merlin Magix has been designed for small and mid-sized businesses requiring comprehensive key and PBX telephony features, a complete set of network interfaces, enhanced messaging, and support of third party applications such as customer relationship management (CRM). Both the Avaya Merlin Magix telephone system and its immediate predecessor, Merlin Legend, have a large installed base and are among the most popular mid-sized PBXs on the market.

The Merlin Magix telephone system has been designed to meet the evolving communications needs of small and mid-sized businesses requiring up to 80 lines and 200 extensions. Avaya's Merlin Magix telephone system is the perfect choice for small companies looking for the latest communications features, as well as for larger companies with branch offices. The system's networking capabilities let multiple locations communicate across the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Avaya's Merlin Magix Integrated System

The Merlin Magix is much more than just a phone system. It delivers the tools that support the full range of communications- voice, e-mail, Internet access, videoconferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP), and more.

The Integrated Network Access module allows your customers to connect all their sites for both data and voice communications. For example, they can set up a private network for voice or frame relay, or centralize applications like messaging from your Merlin Magix phone system, saving the costs of setting up multiple communications systems.

Because the Merlin Magix telephone system is an open communications platform, you can choose among a growing array of applications from both Avaya and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for enhancing customer care, establishing an Internet presence, improving employee productivity, supporting supplier transactions, and more.

Customer service is what makes a business stand out today. The Avaya Merlin Magix telephone system delivers a comprehensive set of options for full multimedia messaging and call centers - capabilities that are essential for customer service and were once available only on much larger and more expensive communications systems. These features make it easy for a business to focus on its customers, giving them access to the business however they want, whenever they want.

Businesses need a way to stay in touch with workers who are always on the move. The Merlin Magix system can keep everyone in the loop with wireless phones that deliver all the power and functionality.

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