The INTUITY™AUDIX® Multimedia Messaging System provides a universal messaging platform for voice messaging, fax, and e-mail access. Message access is accomplished through both a telephone user interface and a visual desktop computer interface. Text-to-speech capabilities further allow the user to access messages anytime, anywhere.


Every INTUITY AUDIX system is "multimedia enabled" today with the ability to accept voice, fax, text, file attachments, and e-mail as valid message types. This unique architecture allows for mixing of media types within messages. For example, a user can send an e-mail message with a voice message attached to add clarity to the communication. Multiple applications-call processing, automated attendant, voice and fax messaging, and visual desktop applications that include e-mail access-are supported on a single INTUITY AUDIX platform, using universal ports.


All seats (mailboxes) include voice, fax, and visual desktop messaging functionality as standard. Standard features include Internet Messaging, AMIS, INTUITY Digital Networking, text-to-speech, four languages, Visual Desktop Messaging software, and Mailbox Manager™ software.


Intuity Audix and Definity Audix voicemail systems, service and fee-based technical support. are available upon request. Whether you are looking for a MAP5 , MAP40 or Map 100 or any other system we have it for you. If you have a Definity PBX, Merlin Legend or Merlin Magix phone system manufactured by Avaya or Lucent. ComtalkInc will help you find the correct configuration to fit your telecommunicaton needs. We have AUDIX experts on hand to get you going. Email us sales@comtalkinc.com or Call us at 800-955-6082.


Note: COMTALK, Inc. does not profess to sell software. We provide refurbished equipment for backup spares or replacement of defective equipment. For software or RTU issues, please contact Avaya directly.


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